The Real View from Israel

Here is the link to an essay by Ricochet Contributor Judith Levy.  She is in Israel, where rockets rain down on her family and friends daily.  If you can read this without weeping, you have no heart.  And if you can read this without getting very, very angry, you have no soul.  I am sitting here at my computer with tears in my eyes, screaming and waving my arms at the scenes of innocent children in their bomb shelters, and crowds of mourners at funerals for brave young Israelis killed by the barbarian “Palestinian” terrorists.

Be careful, because if Hamas wins this one, we are next, here in the US.  We are still the Great Satan to them.







Read this, from today’s Jerusalem Post.  You may be shocked, but I’m not.  Author Caroline Glick tells it like it is.

Here are the salient points:

OTL supports Hamas in its crusade to obliterate the state of Israel from the face of the Earth.

Kerry’s “truce” proposal would have given Hamas everything it wants.  The US taxpayer will continue to fund Israel’s enemy.

Even the Far Left in Israel (yes, there is one) is outraged by the US president’s attitude toward their struggle to remain a viable state.

The one good result of OTL’s policy toward Israel is that it has united all Israelis (against our president).

This behavior is shameful, except OTL has no shame.






The Natural Order of Things

My hero, Rush Limbaugh, likes to point out that, through much of human history, the natural order of things in our world has been tyranny and misery.  Since humans  started to live in groups, the vast majority of people have led lives that were “nasty, brutish, and short”.  Until very recently, human life-expectancy has been under 40 years.  The average person worked on the land, for a master who had no concern for his or his family’s lives.  Small groups of nobles ruled their lives, limited their choices, and commandeered their labor, and the fruits of that labor.

That situation began to change, in the 14th Century, when the populations of Europe and the Middle East were decimated by the Plague.  Barbara Tuchman’s book A Distant Mirrorgave an excellent account of that time.  For the first time, peasants had some power over nobles, who needed them to work the fields and mines.  The average person had somewhat more control of his life, and could bargain with the nobles over his situation.  He could leave his area and move to another, where there might be more demand for his services.

Gradually, the Natural Order of Things started to change.  We all know where that led… It led to the rise of Capitalism, elucidated by Adam Smith in his world-shaking book, The Wealth of Nations.  The Founders of the USA were aware of that tome, and many others, when they left Europe for America, in order that they should have Religious Freedom, and live their lives as They wished, not as their Masters wished.

Fast-forward to today.  Much of the developed world lives in luxury unimaginable to their recent ancestors.  Even today, great masses of humanity still live in semi-primitive conditions; many of those people every year, leave their miserable countries, and attempt to emigrate to other countries where they might be able to earn a better living, and support their families amid better conditions.  Why do you think so many people clamor, and apply, and positively break into our country?  Because, over the short history of the USA, we have led the way to Prosperity, and Liberty, based on our Founders’ vision of the Rule Of Law, Religious Freedom, and the ability to Pursue Happiness.

But beware, there are elements of our own people, who deem the previous history of America to be Evil, and Grasping, and Imperialistic.  They view the Founders of our country, perhaps the most remarkable group of people EVER in Human History, as thugs, who forcibly deprived the people living here when they arrived of their lives and culture. (Just so you know, the tribes of Native Americans were just as evil, and just as thuggish to each other, often warring among themselves over land and animals).  For nearly 50 years, public school children in America have been taught to hate their country and its founders.  We are now reaping the whirlwind, with whole parts of the world engulfed in war and destruction (Ukraine, Israel, Africa).

The United States was founded on an IDEA, of Liberty, not tyranny.  Even here, we are being subjected to the Tyranny of the EPA, ObamaCare, and the ever-present Executive Orders of the president who thinks he’s a King.  The Natural Order of Things changed with America.  We need to make sure that it does not get reversed, back to tyranny and misery.


Fiddling while the World Burns

Obama fiddles while the world burns
Obama fiddles while the world burns



Here are some of the things taking place in the world, and in the USA this week:

Malaysian airliner shot down by a Russian-made missile

The US southern border overwhelmed with illegal immigrant people from Central America

Israeli-Palestinian war in Gaza, where Hamas shoots rockets from residential neighborhoods

Court rulings cast ObamaCare subsidies into doubt

Planned Parenthood suggests sadistic sex to teenage girls

US Marine held in Mexico for 113 days-the US does NOTHING to get him back

The IRS scandal continues to fester, with officials’ honesty questioned



He does the only thing that he does really well, he goes out of town (in Air Force One, on YOUR DIME), to attend Fund-Raisers!  And the equally sorry excuse for a Media, simply slobbers all over his boots, and whines about poor, poor Barack...

The world around us is, literally, burning, and OTL holds $35,000 per person fund-raisers for the Democrat Party.  Here’s hoping all those funds do him no good, and in November he gets his ass handed to him on a platter, and the Republicans take back the Senate and increase their lead in the House.

Great Music, Re-discovery of a group I love: Steeleye Span

Great Music, Re-discovery of a group I love: Steeleye Span

Way back in the 1970’s, when they were new, I discovered a British band called Steeleye Span.  They play and sing medieval and Renaissance English folk songs, with modern rock instrumentation.  Sounds weird, but they were, and are, simply wonderful.  I still own a bunch of vinyl albums from their early years, and we play them sometimes on our turntable.  But a couple of weeks ago, on Ricochet, a member posted a link to a 1975 promo video they did, singing their song “All Around My Hat”.  I could not remember ever hearing that song, and it occurred to me that I had never seen them!  I bookmarked that video, and I play it at least once a day now.  Their lead singer, Maddy Prior, has a gorgeous voice, and she really does a great job with all their lyrics.  Take a gander at this:

I guarantee you’ll love them.

I’m Up to the Challenge: Dinner Party Edition~History’s Best

This week’s challenge is a great one for me, as I have already given lots  of thought to who I’d invite to my “ideal dinner party” table.  First, the table is round, so everyone gets to talk to everyone else.  First guests are myself and my husband.  We are both middle-aged, Conservatives, and classical musicians (he plays clarinet and accordion, and I play violin).

Given the title of my Blog, the invitees are, first, Rush Limbaugh and his beautiful wife Katherine.  Rush is deaf, and has difficulty with hearing in large crowds, so they would be seated together.  Next guest is Johann Sebastian Bach, unarguably the world’s premier musician and composer.  No one, but No One, surpasses Mr. Bach for contributions to music.  My husband is a huge admirer of Bach, and he would have some excellent stories to tell about his times.  Next is Mr. Adam Smith, whose book, The Wealth of Nations, marked the beginning of Free Market Capitalism, which has enabled more of the world’s people to escape from poverty and tyranny than any other idea.  Finally, the last guest would be Mr. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.  A polymath, who made contributions to our country in many different fields (science, business, music, statecraft, government, letters…), he also would be a terrific conversationalist, who could enlighten the party with stories of the early USA.  I’m almost certain that Rush would be in Heaven at this dinner table, deafness or not!

All Hubby and I would have to do, aside from providing dinner, would be to sit back and listen, and learn from all of our distinguished guests.  My guess is that this dinner party would go on for many productive hours.  Daily Post-here’s one more!

We Stand With The State of Israel

US-Israel flags


For the past week, Hamas Terrorists from Gaza have been raining their rockets down on the State of Israel.  Their rockets are fired from within civilian residential areas of towns.  And they have the unmitigated gall to demand a cease-fire from the Israelis!  Hamas has absolutely no problem with targeting Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rishon L’Zion, and Haifa.  They have brought the Israeli airstrikes on themselves.  Hamas is evil.  It is time for Israel to finally put them out of business.

And the One that inhabits our White House bears a huge portion of responsibility for the failure of the United States to support the only working democracy in the Middle East.  His behavior is despicable.  And with his declining approval ratings, one religious group supports him and is policies: Muslims.