Fiddling while the World Burns

Obama fiddles while the world burns
Obama fiddles while the world burns



Here are some of the things taking place in the world, and in the USA this week:

Malaysian airliner shot down by a Russian-made missile

The US southern border overwhelmed with illegal immigrant people from Central America

Israeli-Palestinian war in Gaza, where Hamas shoots rockets from residential neighborhoods

Court rulings cast ObamaCare subsidies into doubt

Planned Parenthood suggests sadistic sex to teenage girls

US Marine held in Mexico for 113 days-the US does NOTHING to get him back

The IRS scandal continues to fester, with officials’ honesty questioned



He does the only thing that he does really well, he goes out of town (in Air Force One, on YOUR DIME), to attend Fund-Raisers!  And the equally sorry excuse for a Media, simply slobbers all over his boots, and whines about poor, poor Barack...

The world around us is, literally, burning, and OTL holds $35,000 per person fund-raisers for the Democrat Party.  Here’s hoping all those funds do him no good, and in November he gets his ass handed to him on a platter, and the Republicans take back the Senate and increase their lead in the House.

3 thoughts on “Fiddling while the World Burns

  1. I was kind of tickled that the Big Zero got ripped a new one by the KIRO announcer guy– he dropped a “Bush did it too” thing, but he really ripped into O about shutting down traffic one of the largest cities in the US so that he can do a fund raiser.

    1. We’ll know the tide has turned when nobody turns out for the fund-raisers. Obviously, local Democrats care nothing for their country, and are not bothered in the least by a president who doesn’t either.

      1. I’m happy with the “normal” folks feeling free to snark at him. The rich guys are in a social situation where they probably think he’s too conservative.

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