At My Wedding! Uncanned Laughter!

I’m an older lady whose second wedding was a cozy affair, with a small group of family and friends in attendance.  Since we covered all the expenses ourselves, we were as frugal as possible.  But the two areas where we did not scrimp were food (hubby said one of his most important wishes was that our guests have a good time, and good food), and music.  We are both musicians, and I have a friend, Cynthia, who plays harp, so we hired her for the afternoon to play prelude, and afterwards at the reception.  We met with her ahead of time, and picked some beautiful music.

Item: my name is Carol, my husband’s name is Raymond.

The officiator at our wedding was the husband of my cousin; he is an ex-Catholic priest, who still does weddings.  So we are standing before our priest, reciting the wedding vows we had helped create, and he gets to the “vows” part (do you,xxx, take xxx…), and he says, “Do you, Raymond, take Cynthia…”

Raymond pipes up and says, “I want to marry Carol”, and the entire room bursts out laughing, and Brendan the officiator gets VERY red in the face!  We did not have anyone videotaping the wedding, and now I really regret that we didn’t.  But we still think back on our wedding, and laugh about it.  And we celebrate our eleventh anniversary this October.

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