Let’s Talk Anti-Semitism

This story is posted on Ricochet, by a new member who is a Swedish Jew.  It tells the sorry tale of her and her children’s systematic persecution by others in her (formerly) civilized country.  Remember when Sweden’s society was emulated as an example of a country where all were treated equally and fairly, the standard of living was uniformly high, and there was virtually no poverty?  Those days are over.  Pretty much the entire region of Western Europe has descended into a slough of high unemployment, declining standards of living, legalized euthanasia and drug use, and near-total absence of religion and morality.  Along with this has come increased levels of immigration from Muslim countries.  From her story, you can see how average citizens of nearly every European country are increasingly expressing distaste for Jews, and hatred of Israel, fed by Muslim fanatics who are allowed free rein in most places.  There are entire towns that have been taken over by Muslims, and their populations intimidated.  The de-emphasis on marriage and child-bearing is another consequence of declining religious values and church attendance among Europeans-their societies are experiencing actual reductions in population, EXCEPT among the Muslim immigrants, who have many more children.

This situation can only end badly, with European countries hollowed out from within, their people losing the will to live and do things for themselves, their economies devastated by welfare systems that reward sloth and discourage individual initiative.  And their declining morals are already feeding the anti-Jewish sentiment, making the lives of their remaining Jewish citizens a living Hell.  Read Annika’s story, and take the lessons to heart.

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