Do You Get Your News From the NY Times? You are NOT Getting News!

If you are one of the majority of Americans who gets their news from what is commonly called the “mainstream media” (NYTimes,WAPo,ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN…), then you are NOT getting news.  You are getting opinion.


Here is what the mainstream media are actively preventing you from knowing (data provided by RealClearPolitics):

OTL’s approval ratings are low, and going lower.  The RCP Poll AVERAGE is Approve: 41.2%, Disapprove: 53.8, a spread of Negative 12.5%.  Way back in the distant past, when President GW Bush’s ratings were low, the media harped on it all day and night long, contributing to the low ratings!  Now, when their own creation is tumbling in the ratings, nary a peep!  Watchdog?  Nope!  More like lapdog (see cartoon above).

In a “generic election” poll, where respondents were asked if they would vote for a Democrat or Republican ticket, 42.7% of respondents said they’d vote a Democrat ticket, and 46.2% said they’d vote a Republican ticket, giving the R’s a 3.5% advantage!  Do you hear about this in the media? Nope!

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