Horriffic Story Suppressed: 1,400 White Girls in One UK Town Sexually Abused by Muslim Men

For many years, in Rotherham, North Yorkshire, UK, a ring of Pakistani Muslim men serially abused One Thousand, Four Hundred (yes, 1,400) young girls over a period of at least sixteen years.  Here is an excellent writeup in the UK Daily Telegraph about the situation.  It seems that the City Councillors and Police of Rotherham knowingly let this awful abuse continue, due to Political Correctness and the desire to keep their jobs and the votes of Muslim constituents.  Mostly-white children were taken from schools and child-care centers and raped and otherwise abused, often being trafficked around the area by the Muslim Pakistanis, almost with impunity.  The thoroughly “multicultural” elites refused to see what was happening in their midst, and refused to deal with it when they were forced to notice it.  And even now the mainstream media in the UK and abroad have suppressed this horrifying story.  Kudos to the Daily Telegraph for this story.

For many, many years the UK has admitted millions of immigrants from Pakistan, and ignored their Muslim radicalism, in spite of awful crimes like their own soldiers being murdered in broad daylight in front of witnesses.

The Politically-correct British have sown the wind, and they are reaping the Whirlwind.  Many more murders and rapes will happen, until they root out the malignancy they have welcomed to their country.

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