STOP RUSH? Good Luck With That!!!

So, the good people (???) at Media Matters For America (a Liberal hate group, which spreads misinformation nationwide) have been carrying on a “grass-roots” smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh‘s radio show, trying to intimidate local businesses from advertising on Rush’s syndicated radio show (which is run on 600 radio stations).  Over here, the Heritage Foundation has an excellent story on the futile effort the Liberals are carrying on, to deny Rush his advertisers, and thus revenue for the EIB Network.  Funny thing…it isn’t working!  As Rush has said many times, advertisers are clamoring to be on his show, both locally and nationally.  Since the very beginning in the late 1980’s, Rush’s show has been the go-to place for businesses to promote themselves.  Rush’s listeners are about the most loyal there are, and we support Rush’s advertisers.  Heritage did some research, and found that the majority of anti-Rush Twitter messages were coming from about ten Media Matters henchmen, most from out of the state which they were targeting.  Liberals have always said that they supported the “little guy”, but actions speak louder than words.  In this media smear campaign, they are trying to deny local small firms the Limbaugh national advertising platform.  Not in small business’s best interests.

Well, Rush has many enemies, and they have not stopped him yet.  My bet, as a RushBabe, is that they never will.  My money is always on the Truth, and on my hero, Rush Limbaugh!

EDIT, on November 10.  Here’s a link to a Fox News story.  It seems that Mr. Limbaugh has threatened to sue the DCCC for defamation.  GO RUSH!!

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