As We Count Down to Veterans Day..I am ashamed of our Government

I wonder if anyone else has been following the prolonged news story about the US Marine who accidentally strayed into Mexico, and was held in a Mexican jail for over 200 days.  This was an honorable member of the US Marines, for heaven’s sake!  So, what did our (no longer) esteemed Federal Government do to get him back?  <crickets>  Absolutely Nothing!  You never heard one word from our Ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Wayne, did you?  He is the “outgoing” ambassador, so this issue probably wasn’t at the top of his agenda.  And did you ever read a story in any of the “mainstream” media about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooresi, and his ordeal in the Mexican prison?  You did not!  So a member of the US military was left to rot in a Mexican prison, with virtually no support from his own government.  This is despicable behavior on the part of the OTL administration, and truly reflects the regard the government in DC holds for its own citizens in general, and our military in particular.

Our government was happy to exchange Islamo-fascist militants from Guantanamo Bay for an American deserter in Afghanistan.  They are happy to release those same enemies, knowing they will return to the battlefield to murder Americans and others.  But they refuse to negotiate, or help secure the release of an honorable American soldier, just barely south of our porous southern border.  Sure, let’s just invite millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America to become US legal residents (and Democrat voters).  But let’s abandon our own citizens when they are held unjustly.  You readers out there, if you think that the government you elected is looking out for your welfare, you are sorely mistaken.

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