I’m not Catholic, But…

This recent move by Pope Francis concerns me.  Since Jorge Bergoglio was elected Pope, much has been written about his leftist leanings.  His writings have indicated that he is open to relaxing some Church strictures on marriage (in favor of Communion for divorced or cohabiting people) and homosexuality (playing down the strictures against homosexual behavior).  He has intimated that he thinks Capitalism mitigates against helping the poor, and that governments can mandate that their citizens pay higher taxes to support the poor.  In the recent conclave at the Vatican, an American Cardinal, Raymond Burke conveyed that he thought some of the new ideas were bad for the Church.  For his troubles, that Cardinal has been demoted in Rome.  I just hope this dustup is not an indication that the Catholic Church, the oldest surviving institution in the history of mankind, is losing its way.

I would welcome any comments by any of my Followers about this issue.  I am ready to be informed and enlightened.

P.S. Guaranteed way of getting lots of comments on a Ricochet.com post: Put Catholic in the title. You start it, and they run with it.

6 thoughts on “I’m not Catholic, But…

  1. I think the choice of appointing Pope Francis was a conscious decision by the higher-up insiders within the Catholic Church. I believe it was done with the intention of embracing more liberal doctrines within the church in order to maintain membership in the present day of a more liberal populace. This is my opinion as a non-religious, non-Catholic person. Naturally conservative members of the Catholic Church are going to have a hard time with this transition. But in the long run, it ensures the strength and survival of the Catholic religion.

    I wrote a post recently about this decision to appoint such a liberal leaning new pope. Many people commented that his ideas are not radical at all, but simply a true reflection of the teachings of Jesus Christ. But I think, given the history of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis’ statements are quite radical.

  2. Thank you! You will notice from the header that I’m a Conservative. When I was a kid, I went to a full-dress Catholic wedding, and I was very impressed. When Vatican II did away with the Latin Rite, I was sad. Church doctrine on the very most fundamental issues has existed well for over two thousand years, and they would be very wise not to throw it over to appeal to modern “public opinion”.

  3. unbelievablyunbounded

    When the church entered Vatican II, things drastically changed.. More so than doing away with saying mass in Latin. The Church finally caught up with the times, realized they were in the 20th century, and figured out that in order for them to stay relevant as a world religion, they needed to reevaluate the way they did things. Thank you, St. John XXIII!

    That being said, I think the Church is on its way to bigger and better reforms… Reforms that even our own, conservative government is getting behind. I think Pope Francis will continue to do wonders for the Church’s relationship with ALL types of people, not just groups that the Bible approved of MANY moons ago [which is actually super debatable, too. :)]

    If the Church doesn’t appeal to its “modern public…” then, once again, it is going to be faced with the challenge of keeping its powerful and important message from being forgotten.

    Remember, the central theme in the Bible is ‘caritas.’ 🙂

    I’m a liberal Catholic if sorts, so I hope we can debate respectfully! I’d love to hear more off your views.

  4. What concerns me is the people who want to “be” Catholic, but do not want to “do” Catholic. Homosexuals want to be Catholic, but they wish the Church to accept their homosexual behavior and lifestyle, regardless of the fact that the Bible states very clearly that such behavior is “an abomination unto the Lord”. And I believe that the Bible’s prescriptions are forever valuable, owing to the fact that Human Nature does NOT change.

  5. Allison

    As a highly Traditional Catholic, Francis needs to learn how to put his foot in his mouth. He’s beginning to stray away from actual Church doctrine, and it is highly disconcerning. Those of us who know the Truth will continue the True Church, and those who embrace Francis’ theologies and other Vatican II changes will falter away from the Truth of the Catholic faith. It’s a sad reality for all, but it is what it is. The Catholic faith isn’t taken seriously because of a bunch of hippies who can’t let go enough of themselves to embrace a majestic, self-less Truth.

  6. Agreed, Allison. My Catholic friend, “Foxfier”, agrees also. I did a similar post on Ricochet, and inspired a lively discussion with our many Catholic members. Thanks very much for your comment .

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