Time for the RNC to Step up to the Plate, Boycott Mainstream Media going into 2016

The following post is on the Main Feed at Ricochet.com, by Contributor Stephen Miller. It needs to be read by EVERYONE!

To Reince, et al

I have wondered for at least six years why they haven’t done this before. With the crap that has been going down, and been ignored by the mainstream media (“Grubergate”, Benghazi, immigration), it is long past time for the Republican Party to start fighting dirtier.

Once they take control of Congress in January, they will have their hands full fully investigating the IRS scandal, tearing down the “Affordable” Care Act, and reversing the profoundly illegal immigration policies of the OTL administration. They do not need the power of the press against them too. Time to turn the RNC into a bulldog, instead of a poodle.

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