Just some thoughts on blogging…what do readers like?

I’ve been doing this here blog for a few years now, and I have noticed some things.  Like, I seem to get new followers whenever I do a post that’s not relevant to the theme of my blog (conservatism).  And a goodly number of other WordPress bloggers seem to blog about their personal lives, and the challenges they face.  Like, how I survived a dread disease, or in-laws, or unemployment.  It seems to me that a lot of younger bloggers are very self-centered.  Maybe it takes age, or experience, to make you turn your eyes outward, to the bigger picture.

I could expound on the dental ordeal I’ve endured for the last three months, but do people really want to hear my tale of woe?  Yes, I haven’t been able to chew on the left side of my mouth since September, but why should you care?  I’m not asking for sympathy, I have a husband for that.  I tend to blog about current events, since there’s so much going on that disturbs me greatly, and I fear for the future of our country and its people.

It’s funny, I got a lot of likes on my story about taking my cat to the vet.  But I don’t get so many likes on my posts dealing with issues that are very close to my heart, like liberal media bias, and the growth of government putting us in a straitjacket, and taking over the best medical care system in the world and destroying it.  These things will affect all of us, right where we live.  You younger bloggers might have noticed that it’s harder to find a job when you graduate from college, IF you graduate.  Why do you think that is?  Maybe it’s getting much harder to start a business, or grow your existing business.  Government regulations make hiring new people very expensive, so employers work their existing employees harder.

Or would you rather hear about the worst year of my (65-year) life?  The year when I had knee surgery, my mother died, I got a mouth infection, and I lost my job?  That’s in the past.  The future matters more.  Keep blogging, and try to turn your attention outward.

2 thoughts on “Just some thoughts on blogging…what do readers like?

    1. *laughs* All good!

      Just said that personal posts get personal response, I can’t remember if I said that thinking posts only get thinking response– and one can’t always think of something to add— and that it was kind of nice to read someone who doesn’t always talk about personal stuff.

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