In My Considered (Jewish) Opinion…Something controversial in the title: ISLAM IS EVIL

Islam is simply an evil religion.  Witness what occurred in Paris today.(now, yesterday, updated Friday). This in response to cartoons, for heaven’s sake!  Islam’s holy book advocates forced conversion or murder for “apostates” and unbelievers.  All over the world, Muslim radicals are murdering innocent civilians, taking hostages in coffee shops, and kidnapping school girls and selling them into slavery.  And all over our own country, liberals in the press and even our own president are tying themselves in knots to avoid having to admit the bare, open truth.

Islam is EVIL.


Je Suis Charlie.


**Update on Friday.  More heinous murders of Jewish hostages in Paris, by Islamist terrorists.  This will not ever stop until all men and women stop appeasing the “religion of peace”, which, by the way, has NEVER been a religion of peace.  If you did, or said nothing when they came for the Jews, and the journalists of Charlie Hebdo, they will be coming for YOU next.

6 thoughts on “In My Considered (Jewish) Opinion…Something controversial in the title: ISLAM IS EVIL

  1. Predictably, the blood isn’t even dry yet, and folks are going “are cartoons worth dying over.”

    Wrong question: are cartoons worth KILLING over?

    Because that’s the choice the murderous made.

    I answer: no. But trying to kill me is reason to kill you, and I wish they’d had guns at the magazine’s office.

  2. jimmy

    as a child I recall how jews were hated and despised and how muslims came to their support during my childhood in the 40s my father’s best friend was a jew and a redneck told him that if he allowed jews to shop in his store then decent while folks like him would stop shopping there and my father threw him out on his rear end jews went from being the hated ones to being the hating ones and still complain that they were hated from the beginning of time and maybe now that is explained by their hateful nature jews murder Palestinians by the thousands including women old men teens LITTLE BABIES (see pictures on the internet) and no one dares call them terrorists a postal worker mows down his coworkers in cold blood and no one called him a terrorist another murders many in an apartment building but not a terrorist? columbine was never referred to as a terrorist act or sandy hill elementary or the many thousands of other acts of violence including drive by shootings but let a muslim who is either demented or angry at the way muslims are being demonized and vilified especially by jews commit a violent act then all of a sudden islam and all muslims are evil jews are still hated by many albeit privately and silently nd they still don’t have a clue it is their arrogance and feelings of superiority over others a rabbi said that non-jews were created to serve jews and search “the truth about the torah” and be shocked. the chosen ones? God gives and God rescinds they broke their covenants with God and killed prophets sent to them some say they are now chosen as an example of how to not behave towards others Zionism? the most evil of all ideologies that has have plagued mankind does anyone ever hear muslims deride others as jews deride arabs and muslims? Judeo-Christian heritage? that’s another big joke they lie about the holocaust they wail and moan and kick their heels when they are criticized you cant criticize jewish wrongdoing and it is said that jews have made washington another israeli occupied territory get the point? you cant run for political office and win if you don’t kiss their asses and lick their gestapo boots and they say islam is evil? again read what the torah says about Christians and be shocked and know who the evil ones really are but beware!!! not all jews are evil some are among the most honest, upright, anti-zionist jews I consider my brothers and sisters like jewish voice for peace, women in black, and individuals from every walk of life wanna know about islam go to a mosque and have a tea with muslims most of you never met one yet you hate them as your forbearers hated blacks, jews native american Indians, italians, irish, Russians, Chinese, koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cubans, and the list goes on and one americans are a hateful people in general they are like sheep say a person of a culture did something bad and they automatically all become hated its the American way go to and see how many of those thousands of acts or violence by non-arabs and non-muslims occur every year but atre they called acts of terror? jews made terrorist apply almost exclusively to arabs and muslims and why? because they have an agenda you seldom hear or read arabs and muslims denounce jews just because they are jews or demonize Judaism but zio-nazi jews vilify arabs and muslims regularly it is in their blood so be careful who you listen too not just rabid hateful jews also those idiots like ann coulter robert spencer and those evil televangelists whose words and wisdom of jesus Christ has failed them the arab and muslim day will come and your grandkids will be begging them for forgiveness for your sins theres jews like Pamela geller, debbi schlusser and that holocaust liar gal and many others who have an agenda as well I read the quran several times so I know what it really teaches and it aint what jews and Christians have been telling you

  3. Jimmy, I heartily disagree with your comment, but I will let it stand. May other visitors to Calling-all-Rushbabes read your comment, and thereby learn what goes through your twisted mind. Merry Christmas.

  4. Islam is not a religion but a satanic cult. Change my mind.

    A teacher was decapitated in France this week for mentioning the cartoons in a discussion about freedom of speech. Our Ruling Class in America has much to answer for concerning the rapid spread of Islam in our country post 9/11.

    To quote Bob Dole, “Where is the outrage?”

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