Are you thinking of going to Medical School? Take this into account first

A couple of weeks ago, there was a story in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Medical-School Test Gets a Revamp”.  No kidding!  The first paragraph reads (sorry, no link, as this is behind the WSJ paywall):

“The essay section is out and sociology is in, and test-takers will need to be as familiar with psychology terms like “reciprocal determination” as they are with organic chemistry.”  [author’s note-I have a Master’s degree in psychology, and that term is unknown to me]

So the political-correctness, “social justice” movement has now infected the education of medical professionals in the US.  “Official review material includes such concepts as social inequality, class consciousness, racial and ethnic identity, institutionalized racism and discrimination, and power, privilege, and prestige.”

As a doctor, will you now be required to tell your patients to “check your white privilege at the door”?  Will you be required to give your “disadvantaged” patients discounts on their (Obamacare-mandated) copays?  Will you be required in medical school to prove your Liberal bona-fides before being accepted?  Will this new test screen out all those who do not subscribe to the viewpoint that the reason there are fewer black doctors than white doctors is due to institutionalized racism?  Will the “social justice” courses crowd out the biology, chemistry, and anatomy courses that doctors need to understand and treat the human body?

One doctor said about the new test “This is not science.  [It’s] agenda-driven garbage”, when he reviewed the material posted by the Khan Academy, a test-prep company.  I have to agree with him.  However, those taking the new test will primarily have been educated in the public schools, where they imbibe this kind of crap from kindergarten, so it won’t seem a problem for them.

Doctors among my followers, what do you have to say?  I’d really like to hear what you think of the changes to the MCAT test.

2 thoughts on “Are you thinking of going to Medical School? Take this into account first

  1. I would have to agree with you. I took the April 2015 MCAT and I did poorly. I focused too much on the science part. So, I have to change my study strategy and try again. I haven’t gotten my scores back, but I definitely guessed on a good portion of the exam. My confidence is low.

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