Banality of Evil…Planned Parenthood Butchers Babies

Found at Butcher Gosnell’s “Clinic”.

I didn’t think I’d have need to use this photograph again.  My friends and I have been heartsick the past week, as the videos detailing the evil done by Planned Parenthood have been gradually revealed in videos.  Just when it seems that the situation could not be more terrifying, the pro-life group releases a new video of Planned Parenthood’s evil operations.


Most of the people I hold dear-my Ricochet friends, my husband, my hero Rush Limbaugh are simply horrified, that there are people who can talk among themselves so nonchalantly, about tiny human beings, literally chopped up in pieces shortly after having emerged from their mothers’ wombs, and sold to a company called “Stem Express” for use in what they call “medical research”.  Baby parts have a Price Structure! They give legitimate medical research a bad name.  Many have mentioned the similarity to the depredations of the Nazi, Josef Mengele, who did horrific experiments on Jews in the concentration camps of World War II Europe.

And that the high-ranking members of the Democrat Party can defend this evil practice, makes me despair of our culture, here in the United States of America.  And Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat candidate for president in 2016 (maybe not so much now), referring to a “woman’s right to choose”!!  Let’s describe it as it really is, a woman’s right to destroy her own baby.

And then, there’s the person who inhabits the White House, also defending evil in his own back yard.  But, for him that’s par for the course.  As an Illinois State Senator, Obama helped defeat a bill that would have saved babies born alive after botched abortion procedures.  No, it’s more important for the woman to be able to choose death for her child.

Our souls weep, for the souls, of all the thousands of babies, brutally murdered by an organization that touts its provision of “women’ health care”.  Be honest, Planned Parenthood.  Admit that your real business is brutal murder of unborn children.

And, oh yes, I’d forgotten. Your TAXPAYER DOLLARS are paying for this! Call your Senator and Congressman now, and demand the de-funding of Planned Parenthood Butchery!

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