Memorial Day-They gave their Last Full Measure of Devotion

This Memorial Day Weekend, do not lose sight of the reason behind the holiday.  We remember our fallen members of the US Military, who gave their lives so we might live in Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity.  These brave soldiers, sailors, and airmen died in service to you, the American People, and it is incumbent upon us to remember them all year round, not just on this Memorial Day.

VietNam Memorial

We visited Washington DC in 2012, and I found myself in tears, standing before the incredibly moving VietNam Memorial.  Such a simple monument, black granite inscribed with the names of all who perished in that benighted conflict.  Many returning soldiers found themselves scorned, shunned, and even spit-upon by ungrateful citizens.  Even the politicians who supposedly represented us slandered them before Congress.

This weekend, please remember all those who died fighting for YOUR liberty, and thank the next military member or veteran you meet.

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