This is really weird!

Just this week, at work we found out that our profit-sharing payout, based on last fiscal year’s performance, is going to be a nice percentage of our total salary.  It got me to thinking about salary, and how mine has increased quite a bit this year.  In January, in connection with my promotion, I received a 6% increase.  In the ten years I’ve worked for my company, I have never had a promotion, and my biggest increase was about 2%, so that 6% was pretty amazing.

Then, about three months ago, my boss called me in, and told me that I was getting an additional 7% raise, totally out of the blue.  I was flabbergasted, and very grateful.  And lately, I have been thinking something that I have never, ever thought before.  I said to myself, “I am earning enough”.  Yes, hard to believe, I am now, after about 25 years of purchasing experience in a number of industries from health care to aerospace, I am getting paid what I think I’m worth.  This is astonishing to me! This is about how I feel.

showered with money

I have told my husband before,  that I basically have everything I need to lead a full life.  Husband, fully-paid-for house, fully-paid-for car (10 years old), good job (getting better!), friends, and family, and a gorgeous black cat.  There’s really nothing more I need.  We both have enough vacation time saved up that we can take whatever vacation we want to.

I know that it’s bad form to tell your employer that you don’t need any more raises, and I won’t mention it.  But when review time comes around in the next month or so, I’ll be treating any raise I receive as “gravy”, or the cherry on top of the milkshake; something I will like but really don’t need.

As I said before, this is WEIRD!

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