I believe Islam is Evil…

…but I find myself in sympathy with a particular group of Muslims, whose culture is facing extinction.  Over the last year, I have been reading in the Wall Street Journal about how China is closely observing all its people, placing cameras equipped with cutting-edge facial-recognition software, wherever the people are.  China is building a ubiquitous “social credit” system for ALL its people, where they are continually observed at every activity, work and play, and judged for worthiness.  Those deemed unworthy are denied jobs, the ability to travel, and other benefits of life.  This horrifies me.

But the group who has been feeling these effects the most are the Uighurs, a Muslim group that lives in Western China’s Xinjiang Province.  The Communist Han Chinese government deeply fears these Muslims, and thinks of them as terrorists.  So many Uighurs have been literally placed in concentration camps; removed from their homes and detained against their will.  Their mosques that haven’t been torn down, have been abandoned, and they are not permitted to communicate with friends or family outside (and even inside) China.  The malevolent Chinese Communists call these camps “vocational education centers“.  Ha!  Uighur neighborhoods are still and silent, and the people left there are afraid to worship, or venture very far from home.


The Communist Chinese are pretty good at this sort of thing.  Remember the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s?  Where children turned in their parents to the authorities, and intellectuals were sent to collective farms in the countryside for “re-education”.  An entire generation of Chinese was subjected to stunted development.  And how about Tibet?  Since being conquered by China, it has become a shadow of its former self, its people subjugated, their culture denied.

All in all, the Chinese Uighurs have actually been pretty peaceful, and not nearly as bloodthirsty as their Arab co-religionists.  But the ChiComs can have NO hint of difference or rebellion inside their borders, so they ruthlessly destroy the millennium-old culture of its smaller ethnic groups.  Han Chinese move into and take over the homelands of the Uighur, leaving their cities nearly unrecognizable.

I still think that Islam is Evil, but what the Chinese are doing to their Muslim minority is purely criminal, and Evil in itself.  Many in the modern world think of China as the world’s biggest market for exports, or as an exotic vacation destination.  Knowing what I do about how China treats its own people, I would never, ever go to China, for any reason.  They should not get any Western tourist dollars, which just help perpetuate the evil.  They certainly won’t be getting any of my dollars.

11 thoughts on “I believe Islam is Evil…

  1. A friend of mine (former Navy officer/ ship driver) knew a guy that worked for either AMF or Brunswick (I forget). The Chinese bought a/ some bowling lanes and the company rep went to help the ChiComs put it together and show them how to operate it. Afterwards they shot him. The company was not paid in full either.

  2. If someone doubts my story I can put them in contact with my friend Mr. TomP. He was my sponsor when I moved to Stuttgart, Germany. He lied to me and his family at dinner if that story is not true.

  3. Greetings, oh Great Mr. ST! I am totally with iWe on China. Yesterday, I got a LinkedIn request to join my “network” from someone who runs a fastener factory in China. I just wish there were a way for me to positively decline his request. I am planning on a post here to detail why I do not do any sort of business with China.

  4. That being said, thanks for the compliment RB Babe.Great is probably quite a stretch – LOL.

    I’ll admit that I was pretty doggoned good back in the day; but great I’ll reserve for my buddies who died defending the greatest nation ever and are now on guard duty in heaven.

    I think you a quite special too btw.

  5. It is really heartbreaking to know and see what China is doing to the Muslims there, Muslims have been killed and terrorized long time ago and all over the world, in deed, Islam is not evil at All, it is a peaceful religion, if it has been “used” for political gains that doesn’t make of it evil, but make of those who used it Evil. You are most welcome to visit my blog I have some posts about Islam, the truth about it.
    Have a great day!

  6. Nassima, thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. I’m afraid my opinion on Islam is not going to be changed, but I really appreciate your viewpoint. I’ll check out your blog. Isn’t it cool to have strangers like your blog? Cheers!

  7. While I agree with you on what’s happening in China and find not only the global silence but also the Arab leaders support to China disgraceful and inhumain. I would really like to know where you acquired that firm certainty that Islam is evil.

      1. On that we both agree, but I still don’t see how Islam fits in that profile. Can you please give me the verses from the qura’an or teachings of the prophet on which you based your conclusion.

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