Butt Out


Mayor Pete has ended his campaign for the DemocRat presidential nomination.  Since the beginning, I have thought of him as “Mayor Butt”.  I figure that many voters just aren’t ready for a homosexual president (count me in that number).  What a waste of cuteness!

BTW, he was a pretty poor mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and would have made a worse president.

3 thoughts on “Butt Out

  1. sirpercival01

    His being a homosexual didn’t bother me. His homosexuality being the only point of his candidacy did.

    Quick: think of something else that set him apart from the herd. Can’t do it? He probably can’t either.

    1. He was a creepy religious scold; reminded me strongly of the folks I mentally classify as “my aunt said” when I’m doing theological discussions– they are the first pope of the church of I Think This Is Right So God Agrees With Me.

      That he was also an actively homosexual pro-abort who publicly and obviously bore false witness about guns and his time in the military didn’t help.

      (For those not familiar with the archetype– ever listen to “Mississippi Squirrel Revival? He’d fit right in.)

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