How Seattle businesses prepare for the 2-week “Stay at Home” edict-Updated with Yep!

Remember Seattle?  The city on the Left Coast with the huge homeless population living in tents and under tarps on its streets?  The city where street people are allowed to remain on the streets if they don’t want to “accept help”?

The city has announced plans to clear away a homeless encampment under the south end of the Ballard Bridge. About six people are still living at the camp. (Genna Martin,

This article in today’s news just made me laugh (and vow, once again, to stay the hell out of Seattle, which won’t be difficult since the entire state is under the order to stay home unless involved in essential activities).

So people don’t break in and drink our alcohol”: Stores board up for stay-at-home order.


Look away for a few minutes, and your livelihood is trashed.  Except for the fact that these businesses were already in danger of going under, due to the order that all bars and restaurants close, to slow the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  In this case, the cure may be worse than the disease for small businesses.

Update 3-27 And here it is-the article describing exactly what those business owners feared would happen:

Seattle restaurants hit by thieves, vandals, during coronavirus closures.

Right on time.  Welcome to lawless Seattle.

6 thoughts on “How Seattle businesses prepare for the 2-week “Stay at Home” edict-Updated with Yep!

  1. kayofmt

    *My 30 year old grandson, a bar tender in Seattle, finally admitted to his mom that he has the Corona virus, but now is well on his way to recovery.  This is his 3rd week in isolation, starting on his 4th. * Kay

    1. Remember, the Leftists running our government at all levels here in the state of Washington don’t Think, they Feel. And they are all 1960s radicals who still think of the police as pigs.

      1. The shocking thing is that more than half of the voters think these people should be running your State.

        Thanks, rushbabe49, for responding to my original comment. Stay in the fight!

      2. Simon, they ARE running my state. Both houses of the state legislature are dominated by DemocRats. And the governor is as stupid and incompetent as they come.

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