Welcome to Seattle, where police respond to name-calling…

But not to burglary or assaults in progress.  Thanks to Todd Herman of Radio Station KTTH for bringing this story to our attention.  This link takes you to the story on MyNorthwest.com, where you can listen to the 911 calls, and read about the new initiative on the part of  a local media figure, and the (Black, Female) Police Chief, to stop Hate in Seattle.

The Police in Seattle are already seriously understaffed, and have basically stopped responding to most property crimes.  Officers know that the city government basically thinks of them as Pigs, city government being run by 1960s radicals.  No wonder that the city can’t keep police, and more resign than are hired.

I feel sorry for the citizens of Seattle, who are basically on their own in protecting themselves.  The last gun shop left the city last year, when the government imposed onerous taxes on their businesses and their merchandise.  Sad, really sad.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Seattle, where police respond to name-calling…

  1. eherring726

    That is so different than life here. The sheriff’s department held a meet and greet here before covid and there were long lines to meet each deputy they had there. The Antifa/BLM anarchists tried to turn our capital into one of their prizes but that lasted only a few hours. Law enforcement used every tool at their disposal over the next few months to identify and track down the perps. Citizens showed up the next day to clean the sidewalks. There was no sign of the mini riot the next time I went there. Locking up rioting college kids and denying them their college experience helps.

    1. I totally agree. Seattle is ruled by a gang of radicals who approve of the rioters, who have demonstrated in front of the mayor’s home. With no consequences.

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