Dispatches from Furlough, Day Ten

Well, it’s the final day of my enforced “vacation”, and I guess the last vacation from work I will take in my working life.  Boy, that thought just hit me.  I have had some time to think over that voluntary-separation offer I received, and I am now planning on some negotiations with my supervisors.  I might not have to actually leave the company in two weeks.  I am hoping to be able to negotiate retirement instead, on more of my schedule than theirs.

In the meantime, I have been basically doing nothing.  I have worked out on my rowing machine every day, and spent a lot of time reading.  I again picked up my Churchill book (Walking With Destiny, by Andrew Roberts), and that in itself is a feat.  That book is major heavy!  It’s about four inches thick, and must weigh five pounds.  I give thanks for the soft book/tablet stand that I bought from Levenger when I got my first iPad.  It really helps to keep the book off my lap, and held at a good reading angle.  Much of the time, Kikyo keeps me company,  Today is a very sunny day, and she was on her window perch.


Hubby has been working from home, and for the last couple of days we have been taking an evening walk together around the neighborhood.  I just had to laugh out loud yesterday, when we walked by the little swimming pool in our neighborhood.


Yeah, that male mallard duck is standing on one leg by the side of the pool.

Even if it’s only for a short time, I am really looking forward to returning to work on Monday.  I miss the routine.  Things should be very interesting, since we left rather abruptly two weeks ago, with no time to notify any of our suppliers ahead of time.  There will certainly be dozens of “past-due” supplier deliveries that we will have to push out so they don’t show up as late.  But I guess, whatever happens I’m a short-timer now.

The stupid Wuhan Coronavirus has upset all of our plans for the future, so I think it’s a good thing we didn’t have any hard and fast plans for travel this year.  But we can still get in the car and drive short distances, and as soon as the Almighty State declares that we can emerge from our hiding-places again we will be getting out on the road, perhaps up to our favorite Diablo Lake overlook on the North Cascades Highway.

Only in Leftist Washington State

Today, the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee (vying for most-stupid politician with Senator Patty Murray, “mom in tennis shoes”), has communicated that he is contemplating:

The State May Release Incarcerated Inmates Early as a Safety Precaution

Safety for WHOM?!  One more indication that Leftists care more about Criminals than they do about the Taxpayers who were wronged in the first place by said criminals, and are paying for the incarceration (and rehabilitation) of those criminals.

What could go wrong?