Dispatches from Furlough, Day Five

First, here’s a little something I recorded last weekend, before my furlough even started.  We had a massive hailstorm, which lasted about 15 minutes, and covered the back yard in snow.  Some of it was still around in the morning, too.  This was from my bedroom window on the second floor, and you can see Kikyo on her perch watching.

Today, the real Day Five, I ventured out to the grocery store for orange juice and some other stuff (did you know that the Wuhan Coronavirus is causing a leap in the price of orange juice futures?).  I used to like going grocery shopping, but now it is a chore, uncomfortable and, they say, potentially deadly if you get too close to another person.

When I got home, I did some of my always-favorite activity, reading my Wall Street Journal.  See who keeps me company.


Yeah, she’s sitting on my just-washed jeans.

I will now vent.  I deserve to, having been idled for a week.

WAAAAHHHH!!!  I WANT MY PRINT SHOP SOFTWARE BACK!!!!  Software MacKiev still has not released a Catalina-compatible version of The Print Shop, my favorite program on my computer, which I have been using since I got my very first computer in 1993.  They say it will be released “soon”, but I am beginning to wonder what their definition of “soon” is.  I make all sorts of projects with that software, including address labels and signs.

I did 25+ minutes on the rowing machine today, still adding one minute per day until I get to 30.  I’m way behind on my Rush Limbaugh podcasts, and listening to the podcast makes the rowing less boring.

And, our “stay-home” edict has now been extended all through the month of April.  It suddenly occurred to me that my nail salon is closed, and I am going to need a pedicure long before the end of April.  I am really not looking forward to having to cut my own toenails again. I’m really bad at it, and my nails are thick and ugly due to psoriasis.  Ugh.


Color me Surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but I think the normally-stupid Governor of Washington State actually did something very good today.  This action leaves me shaking my head in bewilderment, but smiling.  It so happens that, today, Inslee vetoed $445 Million in spending passed by the heavily-DemocRat Legislature.   This is simply unbelievable!  Finally, there is something more worthy of taxpayer dollars than the usually-Leftist policies that get funded in Washington.  I’m betting that whatever was funded and vetoed probably won’t be missed.

The second unbelievable action was taken by the Leftist Mayor of Seattle.  Now, the city has been shuttered, and streets empty of traffic for many days in Seattle.  What Mayor Durkan did in support of all the essential workers in town was to make all parking in city paid-parking zones FREE.  Yes, essential workers, who are the only ones allowed out of their homes, now will find all the parking meters and pay-stations inactivated.  No more pay for parking, and no more time limits on parking.  The powers-that-be in Seattle are dominated by “get the people out of their cars and into government transportation” Leftists, and parking has become very expensive, both on the street and in garages and lots.  It’s great that they have taken pity on those who must use their private vehicles.  At least for a while.

I had to pass this on. Trump to Schumer.

I had to pass this on.  Trump to Schumer.

Shocked!  They were just Shocked.  President Trump told it like it is.  Schumer deserves everything the President throws at him.  Like many of my Ricochet friends, I Thank God for President Donald Trump.


This is why I voted for him the first time in 2016.  He fights back against all the slander and slime the so-called media, and the DemocRats fling at him.

Thank God for President Donald Trump.