Color me Surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but I think the normally-stupid Governor of Washington State actually did something very good today.  This action leaves me shaking my head in bewilderment, but smiling.  It so happens that, today, Inslee vetoed $445 Million in spending passed by the heavily-DemocRat Legislature.   This is simply unbelievable!  Finally, there is something more worthy of taxpayer dollars than the usually-Leftist policies that get funded in Washington.  I’m betting that whatever was funded and vetoed probably won’t be missed.

The second unbelievable action was taken by the Leftist Mayor of Seattle.  Now, the city has been shuttered, and streets empty of traffic for many days in Seattle.  What Mayor Durkan did in support of all the essential workers in town was to make all parking in city paid-parking zones FREE.  Yes, essential workers, who are the only ones allowed out of their homes, now will find all the parking meters and pay-stations inactivated.  No more pay for parking, and no more time limits on parking.  The powers-that-be in Seattle are dominated by “get the people out of their cars and into government transportation” Leftists, and parking has become very expensive, both on the street and in garages and lots.  It’s great that they have taken pity on those who must use their private vehicles.  At least for a while.

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