This is Sad. And Criminal. LaConner, Washington

This afternoon, my husband and I defied the “stay-at-home” order, and drove our car up to the Skagit Valley.  It was bright, sunny, and around 80 degrees out.  LaConner is admittedly a “touristy” little town on the Swinomish Slough, with dozens of little local stores selling just about anything you might want.  Not one store is a member of any chain, and we look forward to going up there a few times a year to see what’s new.  This year, this is “what’s new” in LaConner.


And then, this.


We were actually surprised to see so many cars parked on the main street.  But this was sad, sadder, saddest.









And this was only fewer than half the stores on the main drag.  In his infinite wisdom, the governor of the State of Washington has ruined the town of LaConner.  I wonder how many of those little stores will actually re-open, when His Lowness in Olympia decides it is again “safe” for them to operate.  This was the most depressing trip to LaConner that I can ever remember.  The town is not being destroyed by the Wuhan Coronavirus, it is being destroyed by the Government of the State of Washington.

Sickening, this is really sickening, and so unnecessary.  Destroying the town in order to supposedly “save lives”.  No concern for the lives of all those shop-owners whose livelihoods are now in danger.  I wish them all the best, but fear the worst.

And just outside of town, you would never know the anguish being felt.


4 thoughts on “This is Sad. And Criminal. LaConner, Washington

  1. D’Nanda Panda

    This sort of thing makes me want to upchuck: then, it makes me want to hold special elections everywhere – and throw every mayor, councilman, public health official, and governor who pulled any of this “one-size-fits-all”, indefinite lockdown schnitzel out of work, with no pension – and no access to unemployment benefits.

  2. accordion2ray

    The signage perpetuates hysteria contradicted by science, even what was released by the president’s task force. The post these signs outdoors where it is almost impossible to transmit the corona virus. They command us to stay indoors as our bodies gradually weaken from lack of sun. Most cases of transmission in NYC outside of nursing homes actually occurred in apartment buildings. Lucky we are on the west coast that our residences are separate and each condo or soartment has its own HVAC.

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