Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96-Crop the Shot

I like to call it “Zoom-in-Zoom Out”.  Instead of taking one photo and cropping out the extraneous features, I find a subject and zoom closer in on it, to see the finer and many times more interesting features that might be missed in the wider view.

I took these one day at our favorite day trip, up the North Cascades Highway to the Diablo Lake Overlook.  Diablo Lake is one of the reservoirs behind the dams on the Skagit River in NW Washington State, where Seattle gets its (clean, hydro-electric) power. The water is that blue-green color due to its glacial origin.

Here’s the full-view picture.


Next, I zoomed in on the rock face.


Finally, I zoomed in even closer to see the patterns the various faces of the rock make.


You can see the lichens that cling to the rock and give it color, as well as the mosses.  It is those tiny plants that, along with rainwater, spell the eventual doom of the mountains by creating tiny crevices that the water wears away.   Link to Tina’s site.

Oh, yes…  I almost forgot.  Tina, this one’s for you.

Skimmers at Cape May
Skimmers at Cape May, NJ, October 23, 2012

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