Skimmers! We Have Skimmers (and Terns, and Gulls)

In October of 2012, Hubby and I went to New Jersey, where he was born, to attend his family Catholic church’s 120th anniversary.  On that trip, we drove out to the Jersey Shore, and spent a nice day at Cape May.  It was absolutely beautiful for October; bright and sunny with temperatures in the 70s.  We almost had the whole beach to ourselves.  Well, the “almost” included a big flock of seabirds. There were Black Skimmers, Forster’s Terns, and other seagulls.  Here they are.

Flock from afar
Seabirds, Cape May

And, closer-up:

terns and Skimmers

See the Terns in the foreground, white with the black eye-patch.  This is their winter plumage.

Walkin'  on the beach
Skimmers, sea birds on the beach at Cape May, NJ, October 23, 2012

And even closer, aren’t they cool, just marching right up the beach?

Also found at Cape May…


There is a whole long street of these beautiful houses.  They are “summer rentals” so were mostly empty in October.

Now, we were there about five days before Superstorm Sandy hit.  I have always wondered how those houses made it through the big storm.


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