Thought for the Day: Madness, and containing the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus

Madness is defined as doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

Governments everywhere locked down their states, destroying local economies and throwing millions of people out of work.  Just lately, after gradual re-opening, states and counties are now mandating that everyone wear a mask in the presence of “strangers”; in offices, factories, restaurants (when not eating), stores (including grocery stores), and even homes, for the express reason of containing the spread of the virus.

In spite of the above, the virus continues to spread.  Every single state, locked-down or not, reports more cases of the disease caused by the virus, every day.  It is a rare day that no new cases are reported.  People continue to die of the disease caused by the virus.  Every day, and everywhere, new cases and deaths are reported.

This looks like the lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing are ineffective in containing the spread of the virus.  Government edicts (not laws handed down by legislatures) issued to contain the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus are obviously not working.

But what do governments do?  They double-down, triple-down on the efforts that have proven ineffective!

Madness, just madness.  There may come a time soon when those edicts will be defied by large numbers of citizens.

3 thoughts on “Thought for the Day: Madness, and containing the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus

  1. accordion2ray

    Blue state governments are not locking down everything. They play a difficult balancing act, trying to retain support from winners they choose by maintaining the ranks of losers they also choose to be singled out for dependency. Follow our rules, their actions say, or you could become one of them. They hold the cards. In some settings, this could be considered extortion or even economic terrorism, depending on the consequences to the losers, but everyone subject to the unacceptable choices provided is still being terrorized. Play along with the script and you may avoid being a target.

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