Defund the Police, you say?

Can you ID these suspects in a North Seattle convenience store robbery?


“People are dying”  Shootings at Aurora Ave. Motel spark neighborhood backlash.


Two people injured in late-night shooting as gun violence continues in Seattle


Local broker says people frustrated with protests, violence choose to move out of Seattle.


Roving band breaks into Seattle businesses, vandalizing, destroying.


Those are only the headlines.  Who will answer your 911 call about an intruder outside your house?  Who will respond when you come home to find your home ransacked?  Who will you call on when you find your car stolen from your driveway?

Defund the police, then see what happens.  You might not like the results.

2 thoughts on “Defund the Police, you say?

  1. accordion2ray

    In system architecting of social systems, the questions you need to answer are who benefits and who pays. These are not esoteric questions because the public is affected and the public pays. Career criminals benefit much more than would any taxpayer’s reduction in taxes would justify, but they aren’t talking about reducing taxes. The activists expect funding to be transferred to social programs to benefit communities with needs to deal with persistent social problems. The police are akready doing some of this work out of necessity because of the dangerous environs in many drug saturated neighborhoods. The poor and lower middle class neighborhoods will pay the most, much more than they can benefit — that is only those that receive more generous assistance getting off drugs. Citizens will pay more because in the advent of reduced policing, crime will increase and lives and property will be lost, much of which is irreplaceable. The activists are attempting to do an end run around the voices of those who will be the most adversely affected by silencing those voices. Activists and more progressive city governments hope to benefit by increasing their clout and perpetuating city violence by pointing a misdirecting finger at Trump in the attempt to avoid their own accountability.

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