It must be uncomfortable to live in Seattle these days

With the city council overriding the mayor’s veto of their bill making drastic cuts to the Seattle Police Department, and the number of homeless camps increasing all over the city, residents of Seattle may be worrying about the safety of themselves, their homes, and their children.  Especially since for a few years now, Seattle police have been de-emphasizing prosecution of most property crimes in the city, telling citizens to just file a report online.  And they are hearing daily of prolific offenders again being released on little or no bail for additional lawbreaking.

Well, they may be cheered up today, with the announcement by the city that they have hired a new “Street Czar” to offer alternatives to the policing being cut by their city government (who, by the way, they elected).  This new city employee is a gentleman named Andre Taylor, and he has a colorful background.  It seems that his previous occupation was “pimp”, and he had a brother who was “killed by Seattle police in 2016”.  His salary will be $150,000.  Pleasant-looking fellow, isn’t he?


Now, that may not please some Seattle residents, especially those unemployed as a result of government actions against the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  Their city is reducing the presence of police in a city wracked by demonstrations, overrun with homeless camps in city parks, and subject to sometimes-violent riots and looting in the downtown core.

I think if I lived in Seattle today, I might consider moving elsewhere.

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