Damn You, Jay Inslee, Round Two

The title of the KOMO story is “State has Fined 11 Businesses over Covid-19 Mask Mandate.

In my opinion, this is pure, unadulterated EVIL.  Here is a quote from the article:

The state Department of Labor & Industries said Wednesday in a news release that Mail Express Business Center in Enumclaw got the largest fine at $7,500 four four violations.

Investigators determined customers and employees there were not wearing masks, the report says and no signs were posted about the mandate.

According to L&I, the owner told investigators she did not enforce masking because, “she did not want to be an unpaid agent of the government.”

Emphasis above is mine.  That business owner deserves a medal, and someone should start a defense fund for her, to pay that fine.

Liberty Dies in Washington State

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