Mask-wearing Redux: The Sheep Look Up (to their masters in government)

I am copying this article found on the KOMO Seattle Web Site, so I can comment on each part.  Comments will be in Green.

The title of the story is “72% of Washingtonians say they wear a mask as coronavirus cases surge across the state”.

According to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, mask use in Washington is higher than ever before in this pandemic. Even still, cases of coronavirus are skyrocketing.  Please note what this statement means, really think about it.  No matter how many people in the state wear masks, “cases” are still “skyrocketing”. To me, this means that masks do not work to slow the spread of the virus.

What is good for me, you know, is should be good for everybody else too. Not just for yourself, you know,” said Juan Pablo Rodríguez, who lives in South Park.  This man believes that everyone should step into line and do what he does.

People I interviewed in Seattle are worried about our current surge of COVID-19 cases, and believe passionately that mask wearing, coupled with social distancing, is essential to keeping our community safe.  The people of Washington prefer safety to liberty.  I believe there is an old saying by one of our Founding Fathers that “those who prefer safety to liberty will have neither”.

“You still need to stay away from other people, keep social distance,” said Tim Westcott, who lives in Columbia City.  These are the people who are always talking about “community”.  Distancing Destroys Community.

“They’re not necessarily wearing them in their homes and in other homes of family members that they visit or friends that they visit,” said Heather Westcott, who lives in Columbia City.  You now have no liberty, not even in your own home.  This kind of thinking is very dangerous.

Even though 72 percent of Washingtonians report wearing masks, Dr. Ali Mokdad with IHME says people aren’t doing enough social distancing, contributing to our recent rise in cases.  Tell me, Master of the Computer Model, how many of those “cases” are false positives?  How many of those cases are asymptomatic?  How many of those “cases” are really contagious?  He will not say, because they do not know!  This is just Computer Modeling, which is meaningless.

“You have to do the whole package to get the benefits,” said Mokdad.  And his job, his livelihood, are not threatened, but he will happily issue directives to destroy yours.

The Co-Director of the UW Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness Dr. Peter Rabinowitz says the stakes right now are high.

We’re in a period where are more people infected in the community than we’ve almost ever seen before and that therefore there is just ongoing risk of doing things like going out and being around other people,” said Rabinowitz.  Therefore, you must not take any risks, and you must stay away from all other people.  Society is being Destroyed.

While the CDC recommends the public wear cloth masks that has two or more layers, there are some experts like Mokdad who encourage people also use three-ply surgical masks – which you can find in stores and online.

Doctors tell me they are more effective because they have more layers and can be properly fitted over your face.

“This one is the only one that is 100 sure is a proper good mask, well-done, well-designed, it’s very protective,” said Mokdad.

Mokdad says wearing surgical masks can reduce transmission of coronavirus by about 55 percent.  Can, but not necessarily do.  So far, no amount of mask-wearing has prevented any transmission, has it?  People are still getting sick, even if they stay home and only see their immediate family.

Cloth masks can lower transmission by roughly 35 percent.

While he and others underscore that cloth masks still are excellent to use for a number of reasons, Mokdad says surgical masks are more reliable.

You’re wearing a mask to protect yourself and others. So make sure that you wear it correctly,” said Mokdad.  B.S.  Just B.S.

So, what occurs to me is that, to the Masters of Public Health and Society, you must be protected from all risk of getting infected by this virus, no matter how old or young you are.  Society must be totally destroyed by preventing all people from being around other people, and making everyone fearful of going out their front door.  They will not be satisfied until no one goes out, and everyone is afraid of all other people.  This is the  War of All Against All.

So, if no one goes out, no one sees other people, and no one can work or go to school, what happens then?  You tell me.  This is what they want.  Is this what you want?

Not I, said the Free Person.

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