They are being totally blatant about it: Government takeover of the economy in the guise of “Public Health”: UPDATED 11-15

Two stories today, on, which I follow for investment ideas and conversation. The first one, which just totally blew me away:

Why is the stock market down today? Breather after big run combines with lockdown measures.

Chicago announces a 30-day Stay-at Home order starting November 16, that bars gathering at homes and calls for residents to Cancel Thanksgiving Plans. This is EVIL.

One more thing. If the Chicago lockdown starts four days from now, don’t people have the next four days to get infected? Won’t some of those people get sick during lockdown when they can’t see anyone outside their household? Won’t everyone in those households get infected too, causing MORE cases of the viral disease? This is being run entirely on emotion-no one, even the so-called infectious disease “experts”, is thinking at all. Just reacting in the worst way possible.

The second story:

Biden Coronavirus advisor talks Lockdown.

The big quote from this article:

A four- to six-week lockdown could bring COVID-19 under control and get the U.S. economy back on track until a vaccine is approved and distributed, said Michael Osterholm, who is advising President-elect Joe Biden on the coronavirus.

Huh? More like destroy the economy, bringing it under total government control. Socialism by other means? And all at once?

And the worst part of it, is that LOCKDOWNS DO NOT STOP THE VIRUS.  When the lockdown is over, the virus will still be out there, just waiting for victims who have gone stir-crazy being under house arrest for six weeks.

Average Citizen, be afraid. Be very afraid. You thought lockdowns were onerous last spring? Just wait for what is coming.  See New Post Above.


Both from the Zero Hedge Web Site:

Fauci warns US likely to “cancel Christmas”, masks and social-distancing here to stay.

President Trump needs to Fire Fauci Today.  He is bound and determined to totally demoralize the population of the United States.

Washington Post, finally, calls for an “Investigation” of the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Zero Hedge notes that their story on this was Banned by Twitter ten months ago.  Any of my readers who still read the so-called “mainstream media” need to stop now.  You are NOT getting news, but Propaganda!

3 thoughts on “They are being totally blatant about it: Government takeover of the economy in the guise of “Public Health”: UPDATED 11-15

  1. Yep. Our Dictator here in WA will be “addressing the state” this afternoon, probably to initiate a similar lockdown. Rebellion time.
    I posted this over at Ricochet too. And left a link on SeekingAlpha, which I have never done before.

  2. accordion2ray

    Trump did not approve the new lockdowns. There isn’t even a contested election in either state to be covered up. Plus, WA is currently behind most other states in the per million body count at 332, which could be interpreted as some small level of success in the go-it-slow Safe Start plan. How much is the governor being misdirected by the high daily case numbers, which due to unpublished cycle thresholds in the PCR test, are almost certainly showing close to 80 percent false positives. Could it be that CT’s were cranked up into the 35-40 range with purpose to gin up case counts in the leadup to the election, only now to make it appear things are spinning wildly out of control when we might only be detecting increasing amounts of dead virus RNA from people who have successfully dealt with exposure on their own, often without knowledge of it? It seems cruel to use this as an excuse to wrest our sacred American holidays from us over something that — depending on where the truth lay — might otherwise be interpreted as a success. For a more reliable indicator, look to the death trends, which are only ticking up mildly, despite sufficient time delay after uptick in cases.

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