My letter to the Editors of the Wall Street Journal

This is the letter I just sent off to the editors of the Wall Street Journal. My respect for their paper, and now, their editors, has been lowered a few notches.

Dear Editors:
We supporters of President Donald Trump, and the President himself, have, for the past four years been slimed, de-platformed, tortured, slammed, fired from our jobs, Twitter-mobbed, censored, removed from GoFundMe, doxxed, despised, called “Deplorables”, insulted, attacked, harassed, and had our families threatened.  Our homes have been burned, our children threatened by mobs of screaming anarchists, and our businesses graffitied before being burned down. Please do not ask us to “work with” the new administration, who is bound and determined to destroy us.  Sorry, they lost all possibility of our support in any way.



4 thoughts on “My letter to the Editors of the Wall Street Journal

  1. D’Nanda Panda

    I canceled my subscription yesterday; let the very pleasant – and agreeing customer service rep know that “the WSJ’s making this seem like a done deal. It sure doesn’t seem that way in my state.” (He responded: it doesn’t feel that way in my house, either…I totally understand.”) Sounded like he may’ve been in the Carolinas or Georgia. I’m also done with Fox News. When I heard my guy, Brett Baier, say: ‘We haven’t seen evidence of these irregularities….”, I almost cried,

      1. D’Nanda Panda

        I thought they were the last true “news” organization on the planet. Who died and crowned the Associated Press God, anyway?

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