The difference between Leftists and Conservatives-in one headline

It’s right here, in a Wall Street Journal headline from November 9 (sorry, no link as it is behind a paywall).

Harris Breaks Barrier, Makes History

You see, this shows how leftists see the “historic” “election” of Kamala Harris as “vice-president-elect” (which she is actually not, until the Electoral College rules in December).  Leftists, one of whom wrote the headline, immediately see Kamala Harris as a member of two Groups.  She breaks the so-called barrier by being the first woman “elected” vice-president.  And she “makes history” by being the first Black vice-president, AND the first Indian vice-president.   Oops, THREE groups!  Extra credit for intersectionality (being the member of three victim groups at once).  Leftists see every person, not as an individual, but as a member of some group or other, with victim groups preferred.

It matters not to them that Harris slept her way to the top in her home state of California.  It matters not to them what she may have done in her previous positions, such as California Attorney General.  Only her color and her sex matter to them.  They also conveniently ignore that, during the primaries, she was the first candidate to drop out, before even one vote had been cast, and that she slung insults at Jxx Bxxxx in all the debates.  Nope, only her color(s) and her sex matter.

We Conservatives, on the other hand, see what she did as the most important, not what she looks like.  And what she has said she wants to do to America if elected.  Like introducing socialized medicine to America, getting rid of all private medical care for everyone (making your life nothing but a line item in the federal budget).  And banning “fracking” for oil and gas, and prohibiting “fossil fuels”, which would destroy millions of jobs, including most of the city of Houston; and bring the country to a halt when supplies of oil run out and every vehicle cannot be converted to run on electricity.

We Conservatives see every person as an individual, and treat them accordingly.  We recognize achievements of all people, everywhere, and believe in Individual Liberty.  That concept will die a tragic death if Leftists get their way.

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