Seattle Tourism Promotion Organization supports its own demise

“Visit Seattle”, its tourism promotion organization, has a press release out today.  That press release states that it supports the State Dictator’s so-called “travel advisory”, which urges out-of-state visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.  So far, this is only an advisory, but many locals expect it to become another Rule by Decree from Olympia in the coming days.

Local businesses are not very happy with this decree either, saying that the advisory “adds to their stress”, increasing uncertainty as to their futures.

So, let’s see.  You are going to Seattle to visit your children, whom you have not seen for about a year.  The Dictator of Washington has stated that you should self-quarantine (which means finding a hidey-hole for two weeks and seeing no one else) for 14 days upon arrival.  Funny, but your vacation is about two weeks.  Would you voluntarily spend your entire vacation in quarantine, never seeing your children at all?  Why bother?

Visit Seattle, in its abject slavery to the State, supports people NOT visiting Seattle!  Much more of this kind of travel advisory, and no one will ever be visiting Seattle from out of state.  If tourism is prohibited, why spend all that “tourism promotion” money?  Why not just disband the organization, and spend all that extra money to help the “homeless” who have taken over Seattle parks and streets.

Oh, yes.  Please remember that, should there actually be a tourist in Seattle, this is what they can expect to see these days.

blocking freeway


The city has announced plans to clear away a homeless encampment under the south end of the Ballard Bridge. About six people are still living at the camp. (Genna Martin,

America Protests Phoenix

Tourists might wish to stay away from Seattle for a while.

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