Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #123: Found in the Neighborhood, AND Post #800 on Calling-all-Rushbabes!

I wondered what to do for Milestone Post Number 800 on my blog, and shortly thereafter was presented with the perfect answer!  Now, my readers know that I live in the Pacific Northwest, Everett, Washington to be exact.  Our immediate neighborhood is nothing unusual-just a pretty normal subdivision.  However, our yard is not like the others.  We have two bird-feeders: one seed feeder and a suet feeder.  Captured, just 30 minutes ago, this video I took through the sliding glass door.  Press the “play” button.

The birds are Common Bushtits, and they normally travel in small flocks.  We often get these little guys in our yard, and they just totally mob that suet feeder.  You can’t get much more “neighborhood” than this, can you?

A bit farther away from our house is the local Costco store.  You wouldn’t think the parking lot of Costco would be very interesting, but the maple trees planted there get very beautiful fall foliage that really brightens up the place.


Going a little farther south, you run into Silver Lake.  I discovered 20 years ago when I bought my house, that we are in the Silver Lake Flood Zone; it would take a real deluge for us to be flooded!  Here are a couple of pictures of the lake.


One feature of the Pacific Northwest is pretty iconic, what you think of first when you think of Seattle.  Sometimes, you can even see it!  A common exclamation around here is “The Mountain’s out!”.  That would be Mount Rainier.  It looks like it’s floating.

Mount Rainier

This picture was taken from the deck of a Washington State Ferry.  The ferry system is considered a “marine highway”.  This highway never needs repaving, though.

Also found in our close neighborhood is the Everett Marina, on our own Puget Sound waterfront.  We have a lot of boat owners here, and marina space is limited, so there are always waiting lists.


In the summer, there were Saturday concerts at the Marina, featuring many local bands.  Of course, like everything else, they were cancelled this year.

One of our favorite places to visit has been the Seattle Japanese Garden, in the University of Washington Arboretum.  We haven’t been there for a couple of years, and I am guessing it has been closed this year due to the Wuhan Coronavirus (even though it is obviously outdoors and rarely crowded).  The city has had its share of unrest this year, too, so we have avoided going.

Seattle Japanese Garden with Pagoda
Seattle Japanese Garden with Pagoda


I sure do live in a beautiful neighborhood.

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8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #123: Found in the Neighborhood, AND Post #800 on Calling-all-Rushbabes!

    1. I did visit your blog, thank you! I do love photography, and am proud to have some professional photographers following my blog. I see you are in the Economics department of your University. Well, I am an Economics buff, too. Thanks for your comment.

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