Damn You, Jay Inslee, Part Three. Damn You to Hell.

With the New Lockdown of the State of Washington, how many Businesses and Restaurants have you RUINED today?  How many Families have you torn apart?  How many Suicides have you initiated today?  How much State Tax Revenue have you destroyed today?  How much additional drug use have you initiated today?  And, tell me,

Who Gave You the Right to Rule By Decree, and single-handedly Ruin your State?  Who?

This Lockdown will be More Onerous than the original lockdown in March of this year, and, I can tell you right now, will be much more destructive, of both Society and the Economy.  My guess is that few small restaurants will come back from this lockdown.  You will see even more empty storefronts, broken windows, graffiti, and homeless camps on the streets of most Washington cities and towns.  And don’t you blame all this destruction on the Wuhan Coronavirus either.  The Virus doesn’t shut down Society, YOU DO.

Thanksgiving?  What Thanksgiving?  By the way, please tell me how you intend to enforce the NO INDOOR GATHERINGS edict?  Will you have your Secret Police going door to door all over Washington State to make sure that no citizen  has a Thanksgiving celebration with their family?  What is the penalty for having Thanksgiving with your Family?  Jail?  Fines?  I dare you, I double-dog dare you.  You are trashing the First Amendment to the Constitution, Right of Free Association.  Oh, and that Unalienable Right to Pursuit of Happiness?  Trashed also.

Now, you so-called Citizens of Washington State.  You just re-elected your Dictator for a third term.  Are you satisfied?  What makes me sickest is that yes, 60% of the Sheeple of Washington, are indeed satisfied with living in a Dictatorship.  They are happy to be ruled and not governed.  They go happily into the Darkness of Lockdown, happy to give up their family and friends, happy to be ordered to stay home, happy to have their livelihoods destroyed.  And These Restrictions Have No End-point.  They are Forever.

Well, this Free Person is not happy to have her life destroyed, and this Free Person will Resist to the best of her ability.  I will NOT stay home, I will NOT cancel our Chili Party, I will NOT be ruled by decree.  I plan to RESIST the lockdown as best I can, and not give in to the Dictator of Washington State.

Here are the new restrictions, which take effect this Monday at Midnight.  Comments in Blue.


State health officials have reported a surge, with the highest ever number of single-day cases reported on Saturday.

The governor’s restrictions affect all social gatherings, bars, restaurants, retail, gyms, and religious services.  You mean, Dictator.

The follow restrictions go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17 unless otherwise noted:

Indoor social gatherings with people outside of your household are prohibited, unless everyone quarantines for two weeks and tests negative for coronavirus. Outdoor social gatherings should be limited to five people from outside your household.  Good Luck enforcing this.  This will be nearly impossible to monitor. Thanksgiving? You don’t need no stinkin’ Thanksgiving!  Also, now that HE has stated that HE may determine who I may invite into my home, HE owns it!  Let HIM pay my property taxes, since he has declared himself the owner of my home.  I wonder what the Seattle Chamber Music Society will do, as the restrictions might prohibit their live-streaming from their new headquarters in downtown Seattle.

Restaurants and bars are closed for indoor service. Outdoor dining is limited to 5 people per table. To-go service is still allowed. Restaurant and bar restrictions go into effect 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18.  In the autumn with temps in the 40s, no restaurant will be able to seat people outdoors.

Fitness facilities and gyms must close for indoor operations. Outdoor classes are allowed but are limited to five people.  Gyms cannot survive this-they will close for good.  My husband will be bereft, since he will not be able to play squash.

Bowling Centers must close for indoor service.  Bowling alleys will close, they cannot survive this.

All business meetings are prohibited. Only professional training and testing that cannot be done remotely is allowed. Occupancy for meetings is limited to 25% or 100 people, whichever is fewer.  This is Evil, and business-destroying.  

Movie Theaters are closed for indoor service. Drive-in movie theaters are permitted but must followed the current drive-in movie theater guidance.

Museums, zoos, and aquariums are closed for indoor service.  Destroy the people’s enjoyment of culture.

Real estate open houses are prohibited.  This will be little problem-the real estate industry has mostly stopped open houses all year, and the Seattle market is still booming.

Wedding and funeral receptions are prohibited. Ceremonies are limited to no more than 30 people.  Just causing MORE GRIEF to the people who cannot celebrate the lives of their loved-ones.  This is one of the most onerous restrictions.

In-store retail, including grocery stores, are limited to 25% occupancy and must close all seating areas.  This will be very destructive.  People will shop this weekend and totally deplete grocery stores of their stock.  This is worse than March was!

Religious services are limited to 25% indoor occupancy or no more than 200 people, whichever is fewer. No choir, band, or ensemble can perform during the service and facial coverings must be worn at all times.  Trashing the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion.  Understandable, in Washington where religion is declining faster than other places.

Professional services must allow employees to work from home when possible and to close offices to the public. If offices must remain open, occupancy is restricted to 25%.  It’s coming up on tax season.  How many people will be denied tax advice this year?  How many tax advisors will be ruined?  How many other small businesses will be ruined?  Lawyers? Doctors? Dentists? Veterinarians?

Long-term care facilities can only offer outdoor visits. There are exceptions for end-of-life care.  Oh, how thoughtful of you, Dictator!  If your relative is dying, we MIGHT let you see them!

Youth and adult sports are limited to outdoor only. Masks are required for athletes.  Masks!  Outdoors!  ARRGGHH!

Here’s the conundrum.  These Diktats do not go into effect until Monday at Midnight.  We have over 24 hours to go about our business, grocery shopping, visiting relatives, eating at restaurants, drinking at bars, going to the gym, going to the zoo.  We have 24 hours to theoretically be exposed to the Wuhan Coronavirus before the lockdown takes effect.  How many additional “cases” of covid-19 will be initiated within the next 24 hours.  How many of those people will not be able to get medical assistance when they are locked down?

And the worst part of all this is that these restrictions are for nothing.  The Wuhan Coronavirus will NOT be stopped or even slowed by these measures, and everyone knows this, yet they still act against their own societies and communities.  That virus will NOT go away-it will be lying in wait for the Dictator to allow his Slaves out of their cages.  And when the Slaves are allowed out, the virus will rage again through the population.  The Virus defies Humanity, and will continue to do so until everyone is vaccinated.  But that time will never come.  A significant portion of society will refuse to be vaccinated.  Will the All-mighty State make vaccination mandatory?  Will the People allow their Individual Body to be “violated” by a mandatory vaccine?  Probably, here in the People’s Republic of Washington State.

Hotel Industry impacted by Travel Restrictions.  No Holiday Travel.  “People OPT not to travel?  Don’t make me laugh!  They are prohibited from travel! And no Hotel/Motel Tax revenue for Seattle and King County.  That money goes to the arts organizations that can’t operate anyway.  Sick, this is just sick.

Damn You, Jay Inslee.  Damn You to Hell.

3 thoughts on “Damn You, Jay Inslee, Part Three. Damn You to Hell.

  1. accordion2ray

    Restrictions in WA are until Dec. 14, i.e., four weeks. But since Inslee’s Safe Start planned failed to open any WA counties to stage 4 — even those with no Covid positive cases and no deaths — what assurance does anybody have that the governor won’t extend the lockdown, especially if his buddies in CA, OR, IL or NY decide to lead the way?

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