Encouraging news on the Liberty front in Washington State (with caveats)

If you read the post just below this one, you will get an idea of what is happening on the “Dictator Rules by Decree to Prevent Spread of Wuhan Coronavirus” front, here in Washington State.  The news is almost all bad, for liberty-loving citizens and businesses.  Today, however, a glimmer of good news showed up.  Thanks for all the articles below to the KOMO-News Website.

First, it appears that some local businesses are beginning to resist the government’s attempts to shut them down in the fight against the Chinese Virus.

Some Seattle-area businesses say they won’t comply with the state’s new Covid-19 restrictions.

Here are some choice quotes from that article:

Brandon Sweeney, the owner of Rowdy Box, a boxing gym in Seattle that opened just three weeks ago, said he plans on defying the new statewide order.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” he said, adding that another shutdown would put him out of business for good. “If they want to come in here and sue me or fine me (well) we are out of money already. What are they going to take?”

And this:

But if the past few months are any indication, there’s been little — if any — enforcement of the previous COVID-19 restrictions issued in Washington state.  Some law enforcement agencies, like the Bellevue Police Department, said if COVID-19 violations come in, the departments do not plan on issuing citations or making arrests.  “We do not want to make this a criminal matter,” said Bellevue police Officer Andrew Popochock. “We want to make this an educational process.”

State lawmakers say Gov Inslee should add them to Covid-19 planning.

And some wimpy, weasel-word quotes from this article.  These quotes show why the WA Republican party is a joke.

“I don’t think Governor Inslee is going down and talking with his local constituents about the impact it’s having on them,” said state Sen. Doug Ericksen, (R) Ferndale 42nd district. “I don’t think he’s seeing the tears. I visited some of my friends who work in restaurants and who work in bars and the tears were flowing. Single mothers who do not know how they are going to make ends meet.”

“I’m not sure I agree with his actions,” said Sen. John Braun, (R) Centralia 20th Dist. “It seems a little bit like ready, fire, aim. In particular, if you look at the numbers provided by the Health Department where COVID cases are coming from, it’s 1 percent from grocery stores. Why on earth if that’s the case would we focus on grocery stores?”

And this from the DemocRat side.  Please remember that the DemocRats have majorities in both houses of Washingon’s legislature, and the Republicans have very little sway.

“We all need to do our part to slow this virus down,” said House Speaker Rep. Laurie Jinkins, a Democrat. “If we don’t, people will die. It’s that simple. We can’t let our frustration over this pandemic override the good public health measures we can all take to keep family, friends, and community members alive.”  [Emphasis mine.  Hey, Honey, people will die either way!]

In any case, the Dictator refuses to call a special session of the legislature to deal with the virus-he, of course, prefers to rule by decree. [See also, Aphorism #1: Absolute power, once gained, is rarely yielded.]

And this:

New Covid-19 restrictions stir concern among some restaurants, their workers.

Well, you don’t say!  The local news-people will listen, but the Rulers will not.  Sorry, small businesses, you are just spitting in the wind.  No one cares if you fold, at least no one in government.

And, in other so-called “news”:

New state Covid restrictions based partly on new scientific data.

We initially thought it (spread) primarily through large droplets that only traveled a few feet in the air and rapidly fell to the ground,” Dr. Lofy said.

But now the Washington state health officer says we know that’s not the way it works.

“The CDC recently acknowledged growing evidence that droplets and airborne particles can be suspended in the air and travel distances beyond six feet during choir practice, in restaurants and in fitness classes,” said Dr. Lofy.

The risk of infection increases, with how long and how close you get to an infected person, while indoors. The Infectious Disease Society of America found that going inside a gym, bar, restaurant, movie theater or church where there’s singing, are all activities that put you at higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

Sorry, but this is NOT “scientific”.  And this information is not new.  But they have to come up with something.

One thought on “Encouraging news on the Liberty front in Washington State (with caveats)

  1. The Left is controlling America’s citizens through licensing while we are looking at the shiny light.

    Soon enough one will need to be certified at both the State and Federal level to be a paperboy.

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