Guest Author: Stad from This is the Funniest post of the year! Beware, the word “Sex” appears in this post.

The 2021 Models are Here!

And just in time for Christmas! Come to Stad’s Sex Robot Emporium and check out the new models:

1) You won’t have to spend much wampum for Chief Spread Eagle. The Kamala Harris model comes with an autographed picture of Willie Brown, and a signed copy of his new book, Sex and the Kamala Sutra.

2) Next, there’s the Rashida Tlaib, ready to Allahu Akbar her way to your heart (not literally). This baby comes with two bags: one for her, and one for you in case her bag fails.

3) For you more adventurous types, bring out your inner Indiana Jones with the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez robot. After one minute of hot, progressive lovemaking, she suddenly grows snakes in her hair and attacks you with sharp fangs. But don’t look at her glare: it can turn you to stone. Better keep that whip ready, Indy!

4) Crave even more diversity? The Stacey Abrams model will never concede to your advances until you put her in your cabinet. Then she’ll go to work for you!

5) Not to leave you ladies out, we have the Joe Biden. If so-so sex is your thing, then hook up with the average Joe. He’ll start off your session with a few minutes of shoulder massage, followed by some very sensual hair sniffing. After he finishes (typically one minute or less), he’ll even ask you to leave your husband and marry him! Act now, and get a free jar of digital Viagra.

We have these models and many, many more. So head on down to Stad’s Sex Robot Emporium today!

Recall notice: The 2016 Hillary Clinton model has been found to be defective on every level. Return her for a full refund, but keep her broom as your personal gift from us!


Since we know that Leftists, especially Leftist politicians have NO sense of humor, we hope that my conservative followers and readers laugh especially loud at this post.  And the best way to register your pleasure with this post, is to Join today!  Please let me know if you have joined, because if you do, I will receive free months of membership.  Thanks to everyone!

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