The Lockdowns will continue until morale improves (or until all Washington State Residents are enslaved)

The Dictator of the State of Washington and his Infectious Disease Jailers were apoplectic about the residents of the state not 100% complying with their Orders for the population to Cancel Thanksgiving with their relatives.  They are operating under the assumption that all residents who attended a Thanksgiving dinner with their families have been infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus (which is totally invalid).

So, now, they are expecting, in about one week or 10 days, a huge spike in “Coronavirus Cases”, obviously resulting from all that disobedience by the population to the Dictator’s Orders.  The current Lockdown (in effect for about 14 days already), closing restaurants for inside dining and shutting all gyms and bowling centers, has had very little effect on the number of new “Coronavirus Cases”.  Every single day, there is a report on my favorite KOMO Web site, with the headline:

Washington State Officials Report 2000 new Coronavirus cases

Or some such, indicating that we should all panic, AND that all the lockdowns and social distancing and mask mandates are NOT preventing the transmission of the virus.  In fact, nothing seems to prevent the transmission of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  Here is much of the text of a new article:   Will Washington have to endure a new Covid-19 lockdown?

Gov. Jay Inslee and state health leaders said Monday that they are waiting to see if gatherings that occurred for the Thanksgiving holiday will result in a dramatically higher coronavirus case count, which could lead to another statewide lockdown.

COVID-19’s impact generally does not surface for up to 10 days or two weeks after someone has contracted the mystery virus.

That means health officials won’t be able to say if Thanksgiving gatherings caused a substantial uptick in cases until about the same time when the governor’s current ban on indoor dining, indoor fitness center activity and a total shutdown of bowling alleys expires.

Inslee said it was too soon to say if the state will have to implement another lockdown.

“As I’ve said now about 4,000 times, I cannot answer that question,” Inslee said. “It depends on the course of the pandemic and if it continues to expand at exponential rates, of course additional measures may be required.”

Inslee said the state could avoid another lockdown if people steadfastly followed guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

What we do know is if we want to avoid those restrictions the best way to do that is for all of us to buckle down and avoid these social interactions with one another that is a considerable reason for this risk,” Inslee said, adding that he is optimistic about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. “At the moment it appears that the medical community has been successful in frankly keeping what will soon-to-be former president’s hands off of this process.”

On a more upbeat note, the governor said there is growing trust in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines.

When the vaccines are approved an independent team of West Coast medical experts will take a look at the findings, which Inslee said should only take a few hours or a day at the most.

The first to receive the vaccine will be health care workers.

The State of Washington will Triple Down on Failure if they believe that the residents of the state are not “doing enough” to halt the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  The daily data, compiled since March, have continually shown that nothing we do, short of murdering all the citizens, will stop the spread of this virus.  Yet they continue to deprive all the citizens of this state of their Constitutional Rights of free association, in the misguided view that their actions have an effect.  The vast majority of the Sheeple of Washington are dutifully wearing their masks and staying away from other people, and staying home.  Nothing is working.

So, the Beatings will continue until the virus is stopped.  The virus will not be stopped.  If a vaccine is approved by the Dictators of Washington, the majority of the population will have to wait for months to be vaccinated, since health care workers and first-responders have first dibs on vaccinations.  The elderly, in nursing homes and out, who are the most vulnerable, will have to wait.

Oh, yeah, and then the Epidemiologists say that  return to “normal” is a long way off, even with a vaccine!

Give Up Hope, All Residents of Washington State.  Restrictions on your Liberty are Forever.

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