Antifa Terrorists Sabotage Washington State Train Tracks

Do you wonder why you have not heard of this Washington State ongoing story?  I wondered, too.  It seems that Antifa, the bona fide terrorist group, which aims to destroy America, has an ongoing campaign of actions designed to derail railroad trains.  The news story describes how the organization has tried multiple times, by use of a “shunt”, to derail freight trains in northwest Washington State.  Until Tucker Carlson mentioned it tonight in his Fox News segment, this issue was brand new to me.  This was the first time that they have been caught in the act, and two women are charged with terrorism.

Why, I ask, has the Pacific Northwest Media steadfastly refused to report on this dangerous sabotage campaign?  I monitor a few Northwest News sites, and this is the first time I have become aware of this particular issue.  This is a very interesting description of one of the people caught and charged.  Aha!  Maybe it’s because one of the women was a Washington Democrat Party operative.  Since the vast majority of local media are Leftist, maybe they were just protecting their own.  This is alarming, to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Antifa Terrorists Sabotage Washington State Train Tracks

  1. I heard that report too. And no, I don’t really wonder why I hadn’t heard about the apparently almost four-dozen (that’s “48” for those of you in Rio Linda, as the man would say) previous such attempts to derail trains in Washington State. Because focusing on activities like that would derail (see what I did there) the narrative that the most dangerous terrorism threat the United States faces today comes from the far-right.

  2. accordion2ray

    The photo is from an Amtrak derailing South of Tacoma that had nothing to do with sabotage. The train was running too fast and the train operator failed to safely control the speed of train when it was doing an initial run after incompletely installing a system that was devised to automatically slow the train.

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