Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #126: Alphabet, Subjects beginning with the Letter “A”

This week’s challenge turns out to be more difficult than I had anticipated.  I had lots of subjects in mind, but then thought a little harder.  With all the very upsetting things happening in our Nation this year, I have decided that, for me, the most important “A” subject must be, America.  At age 71, I have lived in the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth for a very long time.  It disturbs me greatly to see and hear younger people attempt to tear down and destroy the country that gave them Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  I have been to see some of the most spectacular scenery in this great country.


Both these pictures were taken in another “A” Skagway, Alaska.

And even another “A”, the Grand Canyon in Arizona!

Grand Canyon, South Rim

And who does not recognize Mount Rushmore?  It’s hard to believe that some Americans want to destroy this great monument to American Presidents, simply due to the subjects’ color and sex.


When we were in Washington, DC in 2012, we visited the Library of Congress.  The building itself is very beautiful, especially the ceilings inside.  I’m betting that not everyone who visits bothers to look up.  Here is what you will see, if you do.  First, the outside of the building.  This is what is known as Classical Architecture.



And, on the inside.  Marble columns, classical arches, and famous sayings.


In the niches around the perimeter of the building, you will see formerly well-known lines from Classical literature.  Those who founded our country were all classically educated.  




How many of these Classical lines have been positively rejected by today’s ignorant Academia and their radical students?  This is the real America.

And then, there’s this.  The best-known symbol of America.  Many ungrateful “citizens” burn or otherwise disrespect our Flag.

IMG_1672 (1)

Long may this Flag wave, and long may our Country remain the Land of the Free.

A is also for Art.  This painting is one of my most treasured possessions.  It is an original oil painting passed down to me by my father.  The American Artist is Richard Kirsten “Daiensai”, who lived and worked in Japan and Seattle.  He became a Zen Master, which explains the honorific “Daiensai”.  This painting is very rare, done before he became a Master.  My Dad’s printing firm did some work for his shows, and he took his fee in artworks.  His sons tell me it is a literal “masterpiece”, and is titled Patterns at Nara.  It has pride of place over the mantel in our living-room.



Finally, “A” is for Accordion.  My husband has played accordion since 2001, when he inherited his father’s instrument.  He plays in a band, the Northwest Accordionaires, and every year we go to the Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration, which I have written about here quite often.  It is a crying shame that his band has not met since March, and the Accordion Celebration was canceled this year.  Here are some photos from previous years.



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6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #126: Alphabet, Subjects beginning with the Letter “A”

  1. Well now, that is quite an Array of A’s!!!!! America was a wonderful choice and indeed ours is an Amazingly beautiful country. I had to smile at your accordions. It was the first instrument I ever learned (maybe 1st or 2nd grade). Perhaps it was easier for my parents than a piano which was my true love and came a bit later. My brother, however, took lessons and played accordion for many years. That is until one weekend, home from college, I sold his accordion for $50. It was in the basement collecting dust. Both he and I wish we had it back!

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