Tripling Down on Failure: Today’s news from Washington State

If you had a goal in mind for your life, and you engaged in certain actions to achieve that goal, and all those actions had no effect on reaching that goal, what would you do?  Would you re-evaluate whether the goal was achievable at all, or would you simply persist in the same actions?  Would you decide that what you were doing was not working, and re-evaluate your actions?  Might you find other actions that would achieve your goal better?  Or would you keep doing the same ineffective things, and hope for the best on achieving your goal? (The definition of Madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results).

It seems that the Dictators of Washington State and Maryland are doing the third thing in regards to the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic.  When all the enhanced restrictions on their people obviously do NOT work; instead of re-evaluating the effects of all those restrictions on the liberty of their people and changing tack, they simply Triple Down on Failure.  They continue the restrictions that are not working, and, in the process, destroy the Society of their states, and continue to ruin healthy peoples’ lives and livelihoods.  Here are some headlines from today in Washington State.

Inslee extends statewide ban on indoor dining, gatherings, to January.  Obviously, the people are not obeying the Dictates well enough, and need to be more-restricted.  Meanwhile, more restaurants will go out of business.  And the virus will continue to spread.  Tripling Down on Failure.

WA State employees enforcing COVID rules face threats from armed groups.   Might we be seeing the Public starting to fight back against their enslavement by the Dictator?

WA lawmaker: COVID keeping the public from participating in politics.  Well, ya think? This state is nearly 70% of one party.  Which party might that be, and how might this enhance their goal of destroying the other party?

Edmonds starts “No Work Wednesdays” to help students catch up.  The Teachers Unions have prevented teachers from returning to classrooms, with the effect that “online learning” is helping Washington children to fail at education.  The response? Less education!  This kind of failure will have huge effects on the unfortunate kids whose education is curtailed, and they will never catch up.  Their future earnings will be irretrievably reduced. 

Rantz: Seattle Public Health offers COVID hookup advice, scolds you for travel.  This is what is important to them.  This is pathetic.

And, on the State Revenue front, SR 520 tolls expected to rise to make up for COVID shortfall. We knew this had to happen, when the State prevented people and businesses from working and paying taxes, the drop in revenue will require even higher taxes. I predict that this will lead to more attempts by all levels of government to institute an income tax on the people of Washington State, in violation of the state constitution. State Government Actions lead to a reduction in tax revenue, so Taxes Must Rise.

One final thought. The Dictator and his DemocRat henchmen will not suffer one bit from their edicts and restrictions on the lives and livelihoods of their Public. Their jobs are not only not at risk, but the Slave Public of Western Washington just elected their Dictator to an unprecedented third term of Dictatorship. Looking at the crowds of sheep everywhere, dutifully wearing their masks and keeping away from their fellow citizens, it seems to me that they like being slaves.

One thought on “Tripling Down on Failure: Today’s news from Washington State

  1. accordion2ray

    The toll bridges are one of the few government employments to see cutbacks in its use during Covid (unlike government employees); but the bridge will see less wear and tear in the short run, and this will be made up in delaying the ultimate date when the bridge will need to be replaced. So tolls do not need to be increased because the government can borrow against the savings from delaying replacement.

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