Social Media Censorship begins in earnest

Today, Friday, January 8, 2021, the Social Media giants, Facebook and Twitter, have begun the largest campaign of Censorship of viewpoints they do not agree with, in history.  Never before have the Big Tech platforms been so out-front and public in their de-platforming of Conservative voices.  And this is just the beginning.

Twitter permanently closed the individual account of sitting President Donald Trump.  The stated reason was “inciting violence”, which we all know is a lie.  The only ones inciting violence around the Web are Leftist Twitter users who have been wishing and calling for his death for over four years.  And when President Trump sent out a tweet from the POTUS Account, Twitter immediately deleted it.

Twitter has also suspended the accounts of Trump attorney Sidney Powell, and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.  Apparently, it is now a crime to support President Trump.  Well, I warned you about this, I just didn’t think it would come so quickly and be all over the mainstream and conservative news.

Facebook also banned President Trump’s account, on Thursday night.

We are also hearing that Twitter has closed down the fairly new account of My Hero, Rush Limbaugh.  Well, that rumor was only half true, since it seems that he de-activated his account before Twitter could do it.

Way back when, my Dad had a phrase he liked to use about how to make money with your own company.  He said, “Find a Niche and Fill it”.  Well, with the current blatant media censorship of President Trump, his supporters, and many other conservative voices, there seems to be a very large niche, for a Conservative Internet Service Platform.  President Donald Trump has the funds, and now the motivation, to open his own news and social media operation (if he was worried about what to do when he leaves office).  In my opinion, he should get together with his good friend Rush Limbaugh, and start to build an operation from the ground up.  Become his own Internet Service Provider, and start with a Server Farm, build a Network, and host a Real News, and Real Social Media platform for all conservative voices.  There are millions of us in this country who would pay money to get the real news, and listen to Rush and The Donald, and people like Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, and Dan Bongino tell us what is really going on.

The Washington and Big Tech Establishments may be able to run President Donald Trump out of town, but they cannot silence all 75 million Trump and America supporters.  We will be there, always, and we will fight back.  We have to fight back, or there will be no America left.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Censorship begins in earnest

  1. kayofmt

    I don’t use any social media so I’m not being censored, however somehow they are collecting my e-mail. Will have to contact Thunderbird about that.

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