Has this blogger been deemed a “domestic terrorist” by the Homeland Security Department?

This week, the B****  adminstration’s Department of Homeland Security issued a report on Domestic Terrorism, warning that violent domestic extremists could attack in the coming weeks.  Here is a quote from an article in the Wall Street Journal (behind a paywall):

DHS, in an advisory Wednesday, said violent extremists opposed to the government and the presidential transition “could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence,” though the department said it doesn’t have evidence of a specific plot.

Please note the bolded phrase.  This report indicates that the current administration might see anyone opposed to the government and the “presidential transition” as a domestic terrorist.  Also note that the DHS has no evidence of any imminent attack.  Please also note that the incident that has inspired the government to make Washington DC a walled fortress included very few supporters of the former president-the majority of the bad actors were infiltrators from Antifa, not Trump supporters.

I have indicated my opposition to the new administration, whose profusion of executive orders this week have wrought havoc on the US by killing jobs, approving US taxpayer support of overseas abortions, and literally invited millions of illegal aliens into the country.  The Leftists who now control the entire federal government have put in motion the process of declaring half the citizens of the United States terrorists.  The speaker of the House of Representatives has literally called her Republican colleagues enemies. So will simple verbal opposition the the current administration be deemed “incitement to violence”?

I would invite all those in Congress, the Press, and Big Tech who see us conservatives out here as enemies and domestic terrorists, to remember this incident.

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