Jerking around the Washington State Public-Covid Vaccine Follies

The State of Washington is a One-Party State, ruled by Democrats top-to-bottom.  Up until now, the Dictator Inslee has blamed the Trump administration for all its vaccine failures.  They can’t do that anymore, as Trump is out of office.  The State and the “Press” have been jerking around the public for weeks, with good and bad news on the availability of vaccines, alternating.  Here are some headlines today from the KOMO web site alone:

More than 25,000 vaccinated at state mass Covid-19 vaccination sites.  That sounds pretty good, until you think of the total of Washington residents who will need to be vaccinated before the Dictator relaxes HIS unilateral restrictions on the entire state’s population.

Kitsap Community Covid-19 vaccination clinic to remain closed, due to vaccine shortage.  Bad news.

State health officials report 775 new Covid cases on Saturday.  Making sure the population is demoralized and convinced that they will die if they get the disease.  No report as to how many of those “cases” really are people getting sick, and how many might be false positives or asymptomatic cases.

FEMA awards Washington $275 million for Covid-19 mass vaccination sites.  Good news?  How many weeks will it take the State to get the money, deploy the money, and reopen the state sites which have been closed for a week, due to vaccine shortages?

State’s Covid-19 vaccine allocations from Feds expected to increase in coming weeks.  Sounds like good news, right?  Note the weasel-word “expected”.  Don’t get your hopes up too high, as the B**** administration has higher priorities, like destroying the energy economy and going after conservatives as “domestic terrorists”.

Washington averaging 28,000 Covid-19 vaccinations a day.  Huh??!!  How can this be, if the mass vaccination sites, which are now closed, have only vaccinated 25,000 people?

The stories on KOMO are internally contradictory, making sure that the people of Washington state are unsure of whether or when they will be able to get vaccinated.  The clinic where I go for my specialty care has a big banner saying that they are not giving vaccines, and to check with the State web site.  When I do that, it says that they are sorry, but all the sites are closed.

QFC, Fred Meyer employees offered cash to get the Covid-19 vaccine.  Good luck with that, with all the vaccination sites closed for lack of vaccine.

And then, there are these stories of state businesses being ruined by all the Covid restrictions handed down by the Dictator in Olympia:

Local bars, restaurants, brace for pandemic losses on Super Bowl Sunday.  Many such businesses make big profits on this day every year, as groups of friends and relatives hang out at the bar, watching the game on the big-screen TV.  Not this year.  Many bars and restaurants have already been ruined and closed for good, by the state restrictions.  And the ones that are left, are suffering.

I am over 65, have an auto-immune disease, and should have been one of the first ones vaccinated.  No luck.  This state is so inept, it is destroying thousands of businesses and livelihoods, while keeping its residents demoralized and in the dark.  With no way out.  Just the usual.  Wait, wear your stupid mask, assume that everyone else you see is a dangerous carrier of a dreaded disease, wait, isolate, wait some more.

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