There are grounds right now to Impeach President Joe Biden

When he took the OATH of office on January 20, Biden swore to uphold the US Constitution, and Faithfully Execute the Laws of the United States of America.

Well, he has from Day One violated that oath.  The most egregious example is the way he is refusing to enforce existing Border-Control Laws on the US Southern Border.  There are dozens of news stories out there about how the new administration has directed that Illegal Aliens already in the US shall not be deported, even those who have committed multiple crimes.  And now, illegal aliens are being literally invited into America, with little or no processing, and no testing for the so-called “Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus”.

The Biden Administration is destroying America.  Biden must be Impeached.

14 thoughts on “There are grounds right now to Impeach President Joe Biden

  1. Kate Panthera

    Anyone who supports Rush Limbaugh is a piece of hateful trash. Anyone who thinks there is legal standing to impeach Biden is a woefully ignorant human being. You should all be ashamed of your own ignorance.

    By the way, to be woke means to be informed about a situation or circumstance. Being
    ‘woke’ is about being informed and open enough, and intelligent enough, to use critical thinking skills in order to understand the details of something and understand it fully without bias. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a smart thing. If you think you’re hurting progressives and smart people by trying to say it’s a bad thing, that just shows your own ignorance and bias. Calling someone ‘woke’ in order to denigrate someone only outs you as as shallow, biased, and unwilling to consider that you probably are misinformed, uninformed, or brainwashed by a party that is using you to push their own anti-democratic agenda.

      1. josepluma

        Woke: Someone who denigrates and dehumanizes another person for having a different opinion, claims to be without bias while continuing to call names, and claims to use critical thinking without presenting any actual facts. So also Bigot.

    1. So you don’t have an actual argument, just name calling and false claims of superiority. Rushbabe doesn’t need to hurt progressives, you are doing that for her by demonstrating your inability to form a coherent argument. Your “progressive” education does not appear from present evidence to have gone beyond the most banal hate speech.

    2. Percival

      “By the way, to be woke means to be informed about a situation or circumstance. Being
      ‘woke’ is about being informed and open enough, and intelligent enough, to use critical thinking skills in order to understand the details of something and understand it fully without bias.”

      My, my, my. You erp that up yourself, or did you read it out of a book?

      Of course you didn’t read it. Books just aren’t your bag

    3. The Left initially came up with this designation of “being woke” to indicate the huge amount of thought, er I mean feelings, that went into such things as having open borders.

      Until January 2017, I considered myself a progressive. But then when I was vilified as a racist for stating I thought Trump’s idea of an infrastructure plan was a necessary take on our crumbling bridges and roads, and I was dumped out of my woman’s group and termed a “White Supremacist,” I decided to investigate political labels a bit more.

      The matter of Kate Stenle’s family never getting justice for the shooting of their daughter by an alcoholic low life whose claim to fame was how his brown skin should protect him from being labelled a criminal flipped me from Left to Right.

      Of course, if Kate Panthera wishes for us to not call her side of things “woke” that is fine with me. As after all, haven’t the Lefties sleep walked through four years of historic accomplishments by a President who went all out to keep our economy not only intact but surging ahead that of Commie China? This President also wisely attempted to gain peace with No Korea, as they have missles that can hit Hawai’i. Unlike Obama who had four new wars take place under his watch, we had no new wars under Trump. And we had ISIS ended as well.

      The “progressives” clung to a notion that their being upset over migrant women with crying babies indicated their moral superiority. However nothing Trump did prevented a coalition of people from joining together to go down to a border town, find a willing family and bring them here on their own nickel and dime. But the progressives feel this should happen at government expense, which is traditionally a means of shifting the expense on to tax payers. Many Americans in the middle class have seen a loss in their own standards of living. In California, the idea that a state that has almost no affordable rental housing, and no water should be willing to accept more warm bodies whose coming into the state will increase the cost of housing, and drop wages even further is nonsensical.

      Basically the Lefties are all hat and no cattle.

    4. EHerring726

      I don’t think calling the largest audience in talk radio a “hateful piece of trash” will win anyone friends here. I have listened to Rush since 1990 or so. In fact, it is hard to imagine a time when I wasn’t listening. His listeners know what he said and have observed the mean reactions by the left because he exposed them, just like your comment exposed you.

      We can impeach Biden for no other reason than the new, much lower bar Democrats set for impeachment. Since two of the reasons for the second impeachment have already been proven false, we now know the new bar means we can make up things that aren’t true if we don’t like him. Fortunately, we don’t have to do that. Biden is giving us plenty to work with, as does any President who operates outside the bounds of the Constitution.

      Being “woke” is nothing more than a construct of the Marxist critical theory, a tool for their cultural revolution. It has the side benefit of offering its believers an opportunity to engage in a little moral preening to justify their thought and behavior control. There is nothing “intelligent” about it nor is real “critical thinking” applied. Rather, that term has been co-opted by the left just as “liberal” was.

      I don’t mind admitting I am biased. I am biased towards liberty, freedom, the Constitution, the republic as founded by very wise men, and I am especially biased in believing in the goodness of the exceptional country they founded. We aren’t tools of our party. Rather we look to elect representatives who believe like we do, just as the left does. That does not make us “uninformed” or “misinformed.” In fact, we understand the left more than those on the left understand us.

  2. I do not expect that engaging this person will result in anything productive. Experience tells me that attempting to have a dialog with those who already have their own self-serving, and destructive of you, agenda, or with those who’ve already decided that you’re worthless, is a complete waste of time. America, BTW, is the best country on earth, and I hope it survives.

    Nevertheless, in the interests of truth and (thanks, my Dad) reality, here you go. Speaking to the “Kate Panthera,” here:

    So. It’s taken you two months to formulate a response and to show up? Hello!

    Rush Limbaugh (peace be upon him) is dead. Why are you obsessing about a person who cannot possibly do you influence or (as you see it) harm?

    Ignorance is as ignorance does. Please contact me at if you’d like to duke it out. LOL. As if. Coward.

    “Critical thinking skills? Spare me, please.

    And, BTW, hahaha. Brave SJW. A search on “Kate Panthera” brings me only to a buncha Google references to Kate Spade, a woman who was so mentally ill and unhappy that she committed suicide a few years ago. Sad. I have some of her stuff. But the fact that millions of American and (apparently) women of other nations found her products interesting and desirable, wasn’t enough.

    Hope that your malign influence wasn’t a factor.


    1. smsgtret

      Yeah, that part about the “critical thinking skills” was a real show-stopper. It’s pretty tragic but you see so many trolls, such as this one, all over the web and they appear to be reading from the same script. No danger of referring to them as original thinkers.

      1. Even with some of my incendiary posts, I get remarkably few nasty trolls. I just give them the old Limbaugh treatment and laugh at them. Leftists cannot handle being laughed at.


    Anyone who thinks joe biden should not be impeached is a brainless commie, H e s/b impeached for treason and and not performing his job to protect the U S A especially during a pandemic of this proportion.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2022 we turn the screws on all commies and get our country back.MAGA. Take back congress and senate

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