Lens-Artists Challenge #134: From forgettable to favorite.

These pictures are a perfect demonstration of how wonderful it is to have a camera with you wherever you go, just to capture spur-of-the moment images.  Yesterday, I took my husband to the ambulatory surgery center, to have a minor procedure, and I had three hours to kill while I waited for him to be ready to go home (the center allows no inside visitors due to Covid).  Straight east of the center, there’s a bookstore where I knew I could wait for the call.  So I drove over, along one of our busier streets.  I was waiting for traffic, and looked ahead through my windshield, and saw that the sky was quite spectacular, with  puffy white and gray clouds.

So, I already had my trusty iPhone XR right beside me; I whipped it out, and took two pictures right through the windshield in front of me.  When I uploaded them to my computer later, I discovered that I had made a stupid mistake, and forgotten that the top of the windshield is tinted blue, so the clouds and sky were too blue.  Well, after thinking what I could do to make the shots better, I had a brain-wave.  So, I turned the second picture black-and-white with my easy editing tools on my iMac.  It worked!  What do you think?

Here’s the original shot:


The sky at the top wasn’t really that blue at all.  And there were the buildings at the bottom that were not really needed, and a distraction from the clouds.  The second shot was taken higher to eliminate some of the buildings.


I think the second shot, which was more affected by the tinted windshield, works great in black-and-white, with no cropping needed.  I actually like the trees, and streetlight on the sides and bottom of the shot.

I wasn’t going to do a post this week, since with digital photography, if I get a bad shot, I just delete it and move on.  I get a lot of those with my bird photos, since they move a lot!  But I think these cloud photos work quite well!

Link to original post.

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