Backyard visitors-endless delight!

It helps to have a great camera at the ready, when watching out the back sliding glass door.  Our yard was a very busy place today, with many little creatures visiting.


We actually had two squirrels at opposite sides of the yard.  He sat nice and still so I could take his picture.  At the hot-pepper-suet feeder, our Bewick’s Wren stayed awhile to get his fill of the suet, hanging on opposite sides of the feeder and showing off for the camera between bites.

Finally, on the birdbath/drinking fountain, I captured one of our flock of black-capped chickadees.

Fun! And totally free!

2 thoughts on “Backyard visitors-endless delight!

  1. kayofmt

    He wouldn’t get much to drink here in MT, as temp at the moment is 17 below zero, and by Thursday will be 25 below. I have never felt this kind of cold before, not even when I lived in the Serra Nevada Mountains.

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