I never get tired of watching my backyard birds.

Since I started keeping my big camera on the kitchen table, I have been able to get some great pictures of my everyday bird visitors to our suet feeders.  I know, I already have dozens of pictures of these birds, but they never cease to enthrall me, with their antics around and on the feeders.  This morning, our Varied Thrush was bopping around on the ground, and he was joined by one of our flock of Juncos.  The yard has a slope down to the fence, and the Junco was just over the “hump”, behind the Thrush.


The male Junco has a black head, and you can see that this one is a male.  He almost looks like he’s on the Thrush’s back.

Our Bewick’s Wren is new to us this year, and he just loves that hot-pepper suet.


Finally, with temperatures in the mid-twenties today (snow is in the forecast for the weekend), when I went out to fill the seed feeder yesterday, there was a thin film of ice on the birdbath/drinking fountain.


Today, it’s frozen solid!

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